Alimentum Vs Soy

Feeding issue in infants is pretty common and not all infants can be fed with the same formula as they have different conditions. Alimentum and Soy Isomil are two infant formulas that was designed for specific issues often suffered by infants. If your baby is having a feeding issue, one of them may help you to overcome it.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Alimentum and Soy Isomil
– What Alimentum and Soy Isomil are made of
– Alimentum vs Soy Isomil

About Alimentum
Alimentum is an infant milk from the brand Similac manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is designed for colicky infant to reduce their excessive crying due to milk protein sensitivity. Colic is episodes of crying that happened in infants in their first five months, which will take more than three hours per day for more than three days a week. This infant formula is claimed to be able to reduce crying within 24 hours after being fed with the formula.

Colic clear reason is still not clear but the most common thought are either their sensitive tummy or the lack of healthy bacteria in their digestive system. This is not a dangerous condition but does frustrate both the baby and parents. Alimentum is made with easy to digest ingredients and nutritionally complete for infant who are not being breastfed by their mothers. For similar infant formula, check our article on Similac Sensitive vs Alimentum here.

Alimentum Ingredients
Since Alimentum is made for sensitive tummies, the regular cow’s milk is being replaced by Casein hydrolysate from milk. Casein is the main protein in cow’s milk and hydrolysate mean the protein has gone through hydrolysis process to break down its pieces into smaller protein, so it can be digest easier by sensitive infants. Casein is still contain lactose but in far smaller percentage, so as the replacement, Alimentum uses corn maltodextrin and sugar as the carbohydrate source.

About Soy Isomil
Soy in this article is the soy based infant formula from Similac called Soy Isomil. This infant formula is designed to ease fussiness and excessive gas in infant stomach due to their sensitive stomach. When infant becomes fussier it means that they are feeling uncomfortable in one or more areas in their body. One of the most common cause is because there are not suitable with their current formula that contain protein or lactose from cow’s milk.

This infant formula is suitable for infant who because of some condition can’t consume cow’s milk due to lactose and protein sensitivity or cow’s milk allergy in general. Soy based infant formula has been clinically proven to help reduce feeding problems in infants and no other soy based formula has been studied as much as Soy Isomil.

Soy Isomil Ingredients
Since it is not a cow’s milk based infant formula, the protein source uses is soy protein isolate. Soy protein isolate is the protein that have been separated from other components of the soybean and contain 90% to 95% protein while having far lesser carbohydrate and almost fat free. To replace the carbohydrate source, Soy Isomil uses corn syrup solids and sugar while for the fat source, it uses a mix of plant oils.

Now, let’s compare Similac Alimentum with Soy Isomil. Both of them is designed to ease fussiness and gas in infants that was caused by their current formula. The basic difference between both is the formula base. Alimentum using casein from cow’s milk, while Soy Isomil uses Soy protein Isolate as their protein source. Alimentum is using maltodextrin which contain less sugar than corn syrup solids in Soy Isomil.

Alimentum Vs Soy Isomil

AlimentumSoy Isomil
- Is a milk based infant formula- Is soy based infant formula
- For moderate milk allergy- For severe milk allergy
- Uses corn maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source- Uses corn syrup solids as the carbohydrate source
- For colicky infants- For fussiness and gas in infants with CMA

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Before changing your infant’s formula, it is best to understand their condition first. If you are still not sure, we recommend you to talk to your baby’s pediatrician or fellow mother with the same issue. If your baby is having milk protein sensitivity or allergy, you may want to choose Alimentum. But if your baby is allergic towards cow’s milk in general, you should pick Soy Isomil.