Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro

In this article, we will help you choose between Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro. These two infant formulas are produced by the same company. They share some similarities, such as the addition of DHA, ARA, prebiotics, and MFGM. So, which one is actually better for your baby? Find out below!

Read on below to learn further about:
– The ingredients in each infant formula
– The distinctive features of Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro
– The comparison and analysis of their nutritional values
– The available packaging sizes on each product
– Which infant formula that is generally more recommended

Ingredients of Enfamil Enspire
Let’s start by taking a look at the ingredients of Enfamil Enspire. Whenever you want to purchase a new infant formula, it is extremely important to check the ingredient list. This is because different products use different ingredients, and there are some that are not really good or potentially dangerous for your baby. See also: Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil Premium.

At first, when comparing the ingredients of Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro, we may be unable to spot a significant difference. The first ingredients of Enfamil Enspire are nonfat milk, whey protein-lipid concentrate, whey protein concentrate, lactose, and vegetable oil (which consists of coconut oil, soy oil, high oleic sunflower oil, and palm oil). Although the aforementioned ingredients aren’t written in a particular order, these are the ones that come in the highest amounts.

There are also other ingredients that come in significantly smaller amounts. Even so, these components are also vital for the infant formula. They include added vitamins and minerals, lactoferrin, polydextrose, galactooligosaccharides, crypthecodiniumcohnii oil, and mortierellaalpina oil.Polydextrose is a type of soluble fiber that is often used as a sweetener for sugar-free and diabetic recipes. Unlike sugar, polydextrose doesn’t significantly increase the caloric count of the infant formula.

Overall, the ingredient quality of Enfamil Enspire is good. It is certified to be non-GMO. It uses cow’s milk, which is an excellent source of nutrition. It is also enriched with various plant-based ingredients to provide complete nutrition for your baby. However, since it contains cow’s milk and soy, it is not suitable for babies who are allergic to such ingredients.

Ingredients of Enfamil NeuroPro
Now, let’s continue with the ingredients of Enfamil NeuroPro. As mentioned above, the ingredients of Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro are very similar. The first ingredients include nonfat milk, whey protein-lipid concentrate, whey protein concentrate, lactose, soy oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and high oleic sunflower oil.

There are also other ingredients, including additional vitamins and minerals that are added to fulfill your baby’s daily nutritional needs. However, this infant formula uses schizochytrium sp. oil (instead of crypthecodiniumcohnii oil). It also uses mortierellaalpina oil, polydextrose, and galactooligosccharides.

Enfamil NeuroPro is non-GMO. It does not use any ingredient that may have been genetically engineered. This is to ensure the best nutrition quality and safety for your baby. It uses cow’s milk as the primary source of nutrition, as well as a variety of plant-based ingredients including soy. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for babies with cow’s milk or soy allergy.

Both of these infant formulas are enriched with DHA and ARA. The difference is that Enfamil Enspire uses crypthecodiniumcohnii oil as the source of DHA, while Enfamil NeuroPro uses schizochytrium sp. oil. It is difficult to tell which infant formula that comes with more DHA. However, let’s just consider them to be equal in terms of DHA and ARA, as they both have received high ratings because of their nutrition.

Both Enfamil Enspire and Enfamil NeuroPro contain whey protein-lipid concentrate. This is the source of MFGM (milk fat globule membrane). It is a unique complex structure which is composed of proteins and lipids. It is naturally found in breast milk, and is known to be a source of several bioactive compounds that are essential for brain and gut development. Both Enfamil Enspire and Enfamil NeuroPro also contain galactooligosaccharides, a type of prebiotic that is beneficial for digestive health and immunity.

However, if you have watched the ingredients closely, you may have noticed that Enfamil Enspire has Lactoferrin, while Enfamil NeuroPro doesn’t. Lactoferrin is naturally found in breast milk. It is a component of the immune system, and it provides antibacterial activity to prevent a variety of infections and diseases. This is why Enfamil Enspire is marketed as the company’s “closest formula to breast milk”.

Enfamil Enspire provides 100 calories per serving, which is about 5 floz in the normal dilution. This amount of serving contains 11.2 grams of carbohydrate, 5.3 grams of fat, 2.1 grams of protein, and 800 mg of linoleic acid.

Enfamil NeuroPro provides 100 calories per serving, too, which has a volume of about 5 floz in the normal dilution. This serving provides 11.3 grams of carbohydrate, 5.3 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, and 780 mg of linoleic acid.

Both infant formulas have very similar amounts of vitamins and minerals, except for one vitamin-like substance: inositol. This nutrient is important for brain development because it is essential for making neurotransmitters bind to their receptors. Enfamil Enspire only has 6 mg of inositol, whereas Enfamil NeuroPro has 24 mg of inositol. Apparently, the increased amount of inositol is to make up for the lack of lactoferrin.

Available Packaging Sizes
Enfamil Enspire is only available in powder. It is not available in liquid concentrate or ready-to-drink liquid. There are two packaging sizes available, 20.5-oz tubs and 30-oz refill boxes. You can purchase them in a bundle, which consists of one tub and two refill boxes.

Enfamil NeuroPro is available at a slightly more affordable price, and it has more packaging sizes. It is available in powder and ready-to-use liquid. For the powder form, there are 20.7-oz cans and 31.4-oz refill boxes. There are also single-serve packets. For the liquid form, there are 6-fl-oz and 32-fl-oz ready-to-drink bottles.

Enfamil Enspire vs Enfamil NeuroPro

Enfamil EnspireEnfamil NeuroPro
- Contains lactoferrin- Doesn’t have lactoferrin
- Slightly lower inositol content- Slightly higher inositol content
- Slightly more expensive- Slightly more affordable
- Only available in 20.5-oz tubs and 30-oz refill boxes- Available in powder, ready-to-drink liquid, and packets

In general, Enfamil Enspire is more recommended. This is because the infant formula comes with lactoferrin, which is a highly beneficial nutrient to support the immune system. The other ingredients and nutritional values are mostly similar. Both infant formulas are enriched with DHA, ARA, prebiotics, and MFGM.