Enfamil Infant Vs Enfamil Gentlease

Some infant are fine with regular formula and some may not. Feeding issue is very common and usually not a sign a serious problems. If your baby don’t have any feeding problems, you can feed them with regular infant formula like Enfamil Infant, but if they are sensitive towards milk protein, you may want to switch for gentler formula like Enfamil Gentlease. If you want to know more about them, to help you decide which suit your baby better, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Enfamil Infant and Enfamil Gentlease
– What Enfamil Infant and Enfamil Gentlease are made of
– Enfamil Infant vs Enfamil Gentlease

About Enfamil Infant
Enfamil Infant is an infant formula manufactured by Mead Johnson. This infant formula is designed as a part of Enfamil Staged Nutrition that was inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk. This infant milk is intended to replace the nutrition infant should get from mother’s breast milk in case mother can’t provide it because some reason. If the mother is able to produce breast milk, it is encourage to do exclusive breastfeeding in infant’s first six months. But there are cases when mother not able to produce enough breast milk, so infant formula is used as substitute. Enfamil Infant contains nutrition to help babies grow healthily. This infant formula is currently available in dry powder, concentrated liquid, as well as ready to feed liquid.

Enfamil Infant Ingredients
Enfamil Infant contains Choline and DHA, which is known as an important brain nutrients to help infants reach milestones, such as grasping and rolling over. It also contains Natural Defense Dual Prebiotic Blend to support baby’s natural defense. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that found naturally in the digestive tract, which is known where 70% of your infant’s immune system is located. As the protein source, Enfamil Infant uses nonfat milk and as the fat source they use a mix of vegetable oils.

About Enfamil Gentlease
Enfamil Gentlease is an infant formula from Mead Johnson. This formula is designed to ease fussiness, gas, and crying in infants quickly within 24 hours, but still provide them the nutrition they need for healthy development and help babies reach key milestones. Feeding issue in infants is very common and commonly not a sign of serious problems, instead it is a sign of your baby’s digestive system is developing. This is why the fussiness, gas and crying is often happened during feeding time. Enfamil Gentlease is made with gentle protein that suitable for sensitive tummies. This infant formula is available in both dry powder milk and ready to feed liquid. It also available in non-GMO version called Enfamil Premium Gentlease. If you need another gentler infant formula, you may want to read our article on EleCare Vs Alimentum here.

Enfamil Gentlease Ingredients
Since Enfamil Gentlease is made for sensitive tummies, the regular milk ingredients is being replaced by partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk. Partially hydrolyzed milk is used to replace regular milk, because it is gentler in baby’s tummies and to add more protein into the formula, they use Whey protein concentrated from soybean. Partially hydrolyzed milk contains smaller casein or protein to make your baby able to digest it easily. While whey protein concentrate contains higher protein than regular soy milk. As the carbohydrate source Enfamil Gentlease used corn syrup and as the fat source they used a mix of vegetable oils.

Now, let’s compare Enfamil Infant to Enfamil Gentlease. Enfamil Infant is regular infant milk, means it is used when your baby have no problem when fed with regular formula or if they don’t have any conditions, such as protein or lactose sensitivity. At the other hand Enfamil Gentlease is designed for infant with protein sensitivity, means they can’t digest milk protein properly yet. Other difference is Enfamil Infant use nonfat milk and lactose at their main ingredients while Enfamil Gentlease use corn syrup and partially hydrolyzed milk as their main ingredients.

Enfamil Infant Vs Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil InfantEnfamil Gentlease
- Designed for infant with no feeding issue- Designed for infant with sensitive tummies, mostly towards milk protein
- Uses non-fat milk and lactose as main ingredients- Uses corn syrup and partially hydrolyzed milk as their main ingredients
- Available in dry powder, concentrated liquid, and ready to feed liquid- Available in dry and liquid form

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If your baby doesn’t have any feeding concerns and are fine with regular infant formula, it is best to opt for Enfamil Infant. But if they are sensitive towards protein, you should choose gentler formula like Enfamil Gentlease.