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Enfamil Infant Vs Similac Advance

Picking the right formula for your baby might be not as easy as it seems, since there are so many of them available and each comes with the same claims as the best option available. To help you choosing the right formula for your baby, in this article we are going to compare two well-known formulas designed to support your baby’s health and development. Those formulas are Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance
– What Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance are made of
– Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance

About Enfamil Infant
Enfamil Infant is an infant formula manufactured by Mead Johnson. This infant formula is made to substitute mother’s breast milk in the first year. It contains nutrition to support baby’s healthy growth and their overall wellbeing. For those mothers who don’t prefer their kids consuming formula that contains genetically modified ingredients, there is the premium version, which made from non-GMO ingredients. Even though this formula is initially made to replace breast milk, it is still encourages to give your baby exclusive breastfeeding if the condition allow you to do it. Enfamil Infant is available in powder formula, concentrated liquid and ready to feed liquid.

Enfamil Infant Ingredients
Enfamil Infant is formulated to mimic breast milk and also provide your baby with the nutrition they needed to develop their body and cognitive ability, such as Choline and DHA. The formula is using nonfat milk as the protein source with lactose as the carbohydrate source. Since they use nonfat milk, the fat source is replaced by a mix of vegetable oils, which is known to be healthier than milk fat. It also contain Enfamil proprietary blend called Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend that was designed to help support your baby’s natural immune system. Prebiotic is needed, since they will feed the good bacteria in digestive tract where the immune system is located.

About Similac Advance
Similac Advance is an infant formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is fall into the category of regular infant formula, since it does not designed for infant with special conditions, such as those with lactose or protein sensitivity/intolerance. Similac Advance is intended for infant who don’t have any problem digesting cow’s milk and made to substitute mother’s breast milk in their first year. In some cases, mother can’t produce enough breast milk to feed their baby or can’t do breast feeding because of some reasons. In these cases, Similac Advance is given to provide balance nutrition and enough energy for your baby’s healthy growth and wellbeing. Similac Advance is available in both powder and ready to feed liquid form. For more Similac infant formulas, read our other articles here.

Similac Advance Ingredients
Similac Advance is made with regular ingredients you usually found in infant formula. As the protein source, they use nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate. The milk contain lactose as the carbohydrate source and to substitute the fat from milk, they use a mix of vegetable oils, which is known to be better compared to milk fat. Similac Advance contains Similac proprietary blend called OptiGro, which contains DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E. DHA is beneficial for your baby’s brain development, Lutein is beneficial to support eye health, and Vitamin E is important to help developing cells.

Now, let’s compare Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance. Both are designed for infant between 0 to 12 months who doesn’t have any issues with regular cow’s milk. The main purpose of these infant formulas is only to substitute breast milk as the main nutrition source in their first year. They are also made with the same ingredients and also contain similar nutrients. Enfamil Infant and Similac Advance also have the non-GMO version for mothers who doesn’t want their babies consuming formula from genetically modified ingredients.

Enfamil Infant Vs Similac Advance

Enfamil InfantSimilac Advance
- Available in three forms; powder, concentrated liquid, and ready to feed liquid- Available in two forms; powder and ready to feed liquid
- Offered in slightly higher price than Similac Advance- More affordable than Enfamil Infant
- Contains prebiotic- Prebiotics only available in non-GMO version

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both are equally nutritious for your baby and suitable for your baby if they don’t have any feeding issues. However, if you want to pick the one with more affordable price, we recommend you Similac Advance.