Enfamil Newborn vs Enfacare

Choosing the correct formula for your baby may not as easy as it seems. Some baby may needs different formula for various reasons like if they were born prematurely. In this article we are going to compare Enfamil Newborn and Enfacare to give you an example how regular formula differ from specifically designed formula.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Enfamil Newborn and Enfacare
– What Enfamil Newborn and Enfacare are made of
– Enfamil Newborn vs Enfacare

About Enfamil Newborn
Enfamil Newborn is an infant formula from Enfamil that was manufactured by Mead Johnson. This formula is especially created for newborn baby between 0 to 3 months. This milk based formula is claimed to be tailored to meets the nutrients newborn needs in their early life when the mother can’t do exclusive breastfeeding. There are the regular version to this formula but Enfamil replace it with more advance formula called Enfamil Premium Newborn.

This Premium version still uses the same formulation but instead made with the regular ingredients, it is made with non-GMO ingredients for parents with concern against the bad effect of genetically engineered objects. Enfamil claims that their unique Triple Health Guard in Enfamil Newborn that contains 30 nutrients including DHA to help your baby learning potential as well as exclusive probiotics to support their immune system. For similar formula, check our article on Enfamil Newborn vs Enfamil Infant here.

Enfamil Newborn Ingredients
Since Enfamil Newborn is a milk based formula that was made for healthy newborn, the ingredients used are also those ingredients you commonly found in other infant formula. For example it still used nonfat milk as the main ingredients as well as protein source while lactose is used as the carbohydrate source and a mix of vegetable oils to replace the fat source. Since this is a regular formula, it is not suitable if your baby is having a feeding issue or born prematurely.

About Enfacare
Enfacare is also an infant formula by Enfamil manufactured by Mead Johnson. Unlike many other regular formulas out there, this one is especially designed for infant who are born prematurely to support their development and growth after leaving hospital. The brand claims that the formula is different from their regular formula especially those substances to help premature baby gain weight and to be healthier as they grow.

Choosing the formula for your premature baby may not as easy and before making your choice, it is better to ask your baby’s pediatrician first just to make sure. Enfacare is also enriched with a blend of nutrition, so your baby can catch up to their friends who was born healthy and breastfed. Those nutrients including DHA and ARA that also found in breast milk and beneficial to support brain and eyes development.

Enfacare Ingredients
For a milk based formula, Enfacare still made from the common ingredients you can found in many infant formulas out there. The main ingredients and protein source is still nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate while the lactose and corn syrup solids is used as the carbohydrate source and a mix of vegetable oils to replace the fat.

Now, let’s compare Enfamil Newborn with Enfacare. As you can see, both of them used a slightly different formulation. Enfamil Newborn only used nonfat milk as the protein source while Enfacare is added with whey protein concentrate. Another difference is Enfamil Newborn used lactose only while Enfacare also added corn syrup into its ingredients as the carbohydrate source. From the nutrients, Enfacare have higher protein and linoleic acid than Enfamil Newborn that have higher carbohydrate.

Enfamil Newborn vs Enfacare

Enfamil NewbornEnfacare
- Used nonfat milk- Used nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate
- Used lactose- Used lactose and corn syrup solids
- Higher carbohydrate than Enfacare- Higher protein than Enfamil Newborn

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is wise to ask your baby’s pediatrician first for the best formula for your baby. If your baby is born healthy and has no feeding issue, you may choose Enfamil Newborn, but is they were born prematurely, in our opinion it is best to opt for Enfacare.