Enfamil non GMO Vs Regular

There are so many infant formula brands available in the market. Some of them offer regular formula and some of them also offer non GMO formula for parents with concern against GMO related ingredients. Enfamil is also among one those brands that offer regular as well as non GMO formulas for parent who don’t want their baby to consume GMO related foods.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Enfamil non GMO and Enfamil Regular
– What is Enfamil non GMO and Enfamil Regular are made of
– Enfamil non GMO vs Enfamil Regular

About Enfamil
Enfamil is a brand of infant and toddler formula as well as milk for pregnant women. This brand is manufactured by the most popular infant formula manufacturer Mead Johnson. If compared to any other brand, Enfamil is currently at the top of the market for its popularity and availability in almost every part of the world. The brand name is originated from infant meal, which then spell as Enfamil as a play of words.

Being exist since the late 1950s, Enfamil brand name not only known among people these days but also from our parent’s era. The brand offers a wide range of infant formula for babies without feeding issue as well as baby with some conditions. The brand flag product is the Enfamil Infant. This infant milk is intended for healthy infant that have no feeding issue or special conditions regarding cow’s milk, since it is formulated with cow’s milk as its main ingredients.

Enfamil Ingredients
As a milk based infant formula, it is not suitable for infant with lactose or protein sensitivity or allergy as well as for infant with CMA. The cow’s milk used is nonfat milk and to replace the fat from the milk, Enfamil uses a mix of vegetable oils. Since it is the regular version, the formula may have trace or made with ingredients from genetically modified plant or animal.

About Enfamil non GMO
For parents who concern about genetically modified ingredients in their baby’s formula, Enfamil offer non-GMO infant formula. However, not all of their formulas have the non-GMO version, such as the Reguline for comfortable stools, A.R. for spit up, and Enfamil ProSobee for milk sensitivity. All of those said formulas currently have no non-GMO version.

Many parents are concern about the genetically modified in their infant milk, since some information that said GMOs can create unpredictable hard to detect side effects in infants, such as allergies, toxins, new disease as well as nutritional problems. This is why Enfamil introduce many non-GMO formulas to ease parents when feeding their babies. The regular Enfamil is made with the same formulation and to compare it we are going to pick Enfamil Premium Infant, which is the non-GMO version of Enfamil Infant.

Enfamil non GMO ingredients
Enfamil Premium Infant non GMO is still made with nonfat milk as its main ingredients but the milk is coming from non-genetically engineered cows. It also didn’t use whey protein from milk that comes from genetically cows as well as oils from non-genetically modified plants. For other infant formula check our article on Similac vs Kirkland formula here.

Now, let’s compare Enfamil non GMO and the regular Enfamil. To put it simply, there is nothing different about both version formulation. It still contain the same nutrition, comes with the same texture, smell and taste. If you don’t look at the name, you may will not able differentiate them. The difference is not in the formulation instead it is in the source if ingredients. We know that non GMO means it doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients and that’s it.

Enfamil non GMO Vs Regular

Enfamil non-GMOEnfamil Regular
- Made with milk from non genetically engineered cows- May be made from genetically engineered cow’s milk
- Made from non genetically engineered plants- May be made from genetically engineered plants
- Is more expensive than regular Enfamil- Is more affordable than Enfamil non GMO

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. The debate about GMO and non GMO is still rolling up to this day. If you are concern about the bad effect of GMO you should choose Enfamil non GMO but if you think GMO related ingredients is okay, then you may want to pick the regular Enfamil instead.