Foreo Bear 2 Vs Nuface Mini+

Do you want to make your skin look younger and more glowing? If you do, then you may consider trying out the Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+ microcurrent devices. These two devices are popular choices for at-home facial treatments that claim to lift, tone, and firm your skin. However, although both devices use microcurrent technology to activate your facial muscles, they also differ in some aspects. Let’s try to compare the Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+ in this article to assist you in choosing the right device for your needs.

We will talk about the following list:

  • What are Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+?
  • How are the Designs of the Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+?
  • How are the Performances of Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+?
  • What are the Price Differences between Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+?
  • Which one to Buy?
Foreo Bear 2Nuface Mini+
Product Dimensions 1.77 x 4.72 x 5.91 inches2 x 1.5 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight3.17 Ounces1.6 Ounces

About Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+

Foreo and Nuface are two of the most popular brands in the beauty industry that offer microcurrent devices for at-home use. Microcurrent devices use low-level electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles, which can help improve muscle tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance product penetration1.

Foreo is a Swedish brand that has been around since 2013. They are known for their innovative and high-tech beauty devices that are designed to be user-friendly and effective. Foreo’s microcurrent device, the Bear 2, is a compact and portable device that uses T-Sonic pulsations and microcurrents to lift, firm, and tone the skin. The Bear 2 is also equipped with an Anti-Shock System technology that ensures a safe and comfortable experience for the user.

On the other hand, Nuface is an American brand that has been around since 2005. They are known for their award-winning microcurrent devices that are designed to deliver professional results at home. The Mini+ is Nuface’s smallest and most portable device that uses microcurrents to improve facial contour, and tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Mini+ is also equipped with a smart skin sensor that measures the skin’s moisture levels and adjusts the intensity of the microcurrents accordingly.

Both Foreo and Nuface offer a range of microcurrent devices that cater to different needs and budgets. Let’s discuss more of their differences.

Designs of Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+

Foreo Bear 2

  • Overall Design
    A sleek and ergonomic design with a silicone body that is waterproof and easy to clean. It has two microcurrent spheres at the top (resembling a bear’s ears) and a single universal power button at the back.
  • Intensity Level
    It has ‘Beginner Mode’ (microcurrent intensity levels 1 – 5) and ‘Pro Mode’ (microcurrent intensity levels 6 – 10) that can be controlled via ‘Settings’ in the app.
  • Product Dimensions
    1.77 x 4.72 x 5.91 inches; 3.17 Ounces
  • Battery
    1 Lithium Ion battery is required. USB rechargeable.
  • Number of uses
    300 minutes of use per single charge.
  • Massager Materials
    Body-safe and non-porous silicone, making it waterproof and environment-friendly.
  • Color/Visual
    Fuschia / Lavender / Evergreen.
  • Main Features
    – Microcurrent increases the production of collagen and elastin to reduce deep wrinkles & fine lines.
    – 4 microcurrent modes: Advanced, lifting, tapping, and sculpting.
    – Clinically proven to improve skin firmness & elasticity in 1 week.
    – T-sonic massage improves lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce fluid retention & eliminate toxins.
    – Stimulates microcirculation delivers nutrients to cells, and accelerates the skin renewal process.

Nuface Mini+

  • Overall Design
    A portable, compact, and lightweight design with a smaller body that is easy to grip. It has two microcurrent spheres at the top as well and a power button on the front.
  • Intensity Level
    3 intensity levels – light, medium and intense.
  • Product Dimensions
    2 x 1.5 x 1 inches; 1.6 Ounces
  • Battery
    The rechargeable battery comes with an external power adapter.
  • Number of uses
    2 weeks of daily usage and treatments (5 minutes) per full charge.
  • Massager Materials
  • Color/Visual
    White, blush, blue, platinum, sandy rose, violet dusk, midnight black.
  • Main Features
    – Sculpt down to the muscles while reducing the look of fine lines & wrinkles in just 5 minutes.
    – Portable Lift On-The-Go – The Mini is perfect for travel so you can keep up your microcurrent lifting routine anytime, anywhere.
    – Traditional skincare treats the skin’s surface, but Mini goes deeper to smooth fine lines, contour and sculpt deep down to the facial muscles.
    – NuFACE Smart App – Unlock App-exclusive treatments, step-by-step tutorials tailored to you, and the Selfie Tracker to see progress and celebrate your achievements.
    – Gentle Microcurrent Toning Device – Mini provides a low-level electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current helping to tone, lift and contour.

Performances of Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+

When it comes to performance, both devices utilize low-level electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles and tissues, creating a more lifted appearance over time. However, there are some performance differences between the two devices that set them apart.

Foreo Bear 2 is the first-ever FDA-approved microcurrent device with an anti-shock system. The device is manufactured with non-porous silicone, making it waterproof and environment-friendly. It offers five combinations of intensity on the device and provides a minimum of 50 pulses of microcurrent to the skin in a minimum of 1 second of its use. The emitted 50 pulses per second is significantly higher than Nuface Mini+.

On the other hand, Nuface Mini+ requires a 20-minute treatment session, which is longer than Foreo Bear 2’s 3-minute treatment session. The device can come with extra attachments for eyes and lips, as well as various kits/sets. The device emits 8 pulses per second, which is significantly lower than Foreo Bear 2.

When you perform them, you can select your preferred microcurrent levels with both. Foreo Bear 2 provides an app connectivity feature for better usability. Performance-wise, Foreo Bear 2 seems particularly good on the forehead, with a reduction in lines around the center. There’s been a slight lift in the jowls but more results are needed to confirm.

Nuface Mini+ also leaves the skin feeling toned and refreshed. The device seems to be particularly effective when it comes to anti-aging efforts, collagen production, and even sometimes acne treatment. It also stimulates blood flow, which increases circulation of the skin, has a plumping effect to minimize fine lines, improves the texture of the skin, increases tone and brightness, and makes the face look less puffy by increasing lymphatic drainage.

However, although Foreo Bear 2 is more powerful than the Mini+, the Mini+ has a longer battery life and is equipped with a smart skin sensor that makes it easier to use. Both devices are designed to be user-friendly and effective, and they come with a range of attachments that can be used to target different areas of the face.

Price Differences between Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+

Foreo Bear 2 is $399, and Nuface Mini+ is around $220. However, Nuface Mini+ also comes with so many sets or kits that differ in price; with the most expensive price at $300.

Foreo Bear 2Nuface Mini+
Features- The world's first FDA-cleared microcurrent powered face sculpting tool. The face massager & skin tightening machine with Anti-Shock System 2.0 to lift, firm, smooth, sculpt & contour with a safe, painless alternative to surgery.
- Quick & simple face lift device for lasting results. Improve facial sagging, reduce puffiness & double chin.
- The only device to feature 4 revolutionary types of microcurrent, BEAR 2 is designed to tone the 69 muscles in your face and neck - leaving you with a beautifully contoured and youthfully firm complexion. Don’t trust the hype. Trust the results.
- Lasting Face Lift - Quickly see improvement in contour & lift, long term improvement in firmness of jowls & reduction of forehead lines.
- Portable Lift On-The-Go - Water resistant design with sleek silhouette for easy facial lifting and sculpting anytime, anywhere.
- Fitness For Your Face - Traditional skincare treats the skin's surface, but MINI+ goes deeper to smooth lines, contour, or sculpt deep down to the facial muscles.


In conclusion, deciding between Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+ boils down to your individual preferences and skincare goals. Let us offer you some guidance to help make an informed decision:

Choose Foreo Bear 2 if:

  • You prioritize a shorter treatment time with advanced technology.
  • Higher intensity levels are essential for your skincare routine.
  • App connectivity enhances the user experience.
  • You prefer an environment-friendly device.

Choose Nuface Mini+ if:

  • Portability and on-the-go use are important to you.
  • You prefer a more budget-friendly option.
  • Longer battery life is a priority.
  • Additional attachments for eyes and lips are desired.

To wrap things up,, both Foreo Bear 2 and Nuface Mini+ offer effective microcurrent technology for at-home facial treatments. Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and budget to select the device that aligns best with your skincare needs. Whether you prioritize advanced features or portability, both devices aim to enhance your skin’s appearance and provide a convenient solution for at-home skincare routines.

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