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Gerber Extensive HA vs Nutramigen

Looking for a formula for your baby may not an easy task. Beside you have to suit it with your baby’s needs, there are also so many options out there for you to choose ranging from regular ones to formula for special conditions like if your baby are allergic to milk. In today Gerber Extensive HA vs Nutramigen article, we are going to compare these two infant formula to give you more information regarding their ingredients, so you will know which to choose with ease.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Cow’s milk allergy
– What are Gerber Extensive HA and Nutramigen
– What Gerber Extensive HA and Nutramigen are made of
– Gerber Extensive HA vs Nutramigen

About Cow’s milk Allergy
Formula are given to baby when their mothers couldn’t perform breast feeding, the milk came out is not sufficient or for those who can’t produce milk at all. Milk allergy also happens in breastfed baby and people notice it when their baby start behaving differently after the mother eat certain foods while feeding. This problem can be dealt by changing the diets but if the allergens happened in formula fed baby, finding a hypoallergenic formula is the best option.

When someone is having Cow’s milk allergy, it means that their immune system treats protein in milk as a threat or the body thinks that the protein is a harmful invader, so it works very hard to fight them. The fighting process then cause an allergic reaction and released chemicals like histamine in the body. The symptoms of this allergic including wheezing, trouble breathing, coughing, stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, and many others.

About Gerber Extensive
Gerber Extensive HA is an option you may want to consider when looking for a hypoallergenic formula. This product is manufactured by Nestle, which we know is a giant company that also made many other milk based food and drinks. The formula is designed to manage cow’s milk protein allergy in baby start from they were born up to 12 months. Cow’s milk allergy may happen to people from all ages but more common in infants (it affects 2 % – 3% babies). Some may get better when they grow up and some may not.

Gerber Extensive Ingredients
Since Gerber Extensive HA is a hypoallergenic formula, it doesn’t use regular milk like common infant formula. Parents usually change their baby milk base formula into soy base one when they know it doesn’t suit their baby. Some baby works with soy based formula but some also refuse the milk. This is why the main ingredient in this formula is replaced by enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein isolate derived from cow’s milk.

For those who are not familiar with the term, hydrolyzed protein is the protein that already passed a hydrolyzing process to break down partially or extensively in tinier proteins and because these proteins are not intact, it also won’t cause allergic reaction. For the carbohydrate source, Gerber Extensive HA use corn maltodextrin which is the hydrolyzed version of corn syrup and have less than 20% of sugar content. This ingredient also act as an additive.

To add the benefit, the formula is added with Probiotic B. lactis to promote a balanced micro bacteria in their tummy and in the end improve their immune system. They also added 49% MCT to facilitate fat absorption, DHA for eye and brain development as well as the right Osmolality to mimic breast milk.

About Nutramigen
Nutramigen is not an unfamiliar name if you have a baby with milk allergy. This infant formula comes from Enfamil, which is one of the most popular and widely used formula brand in the world. The formula is available in two versions; the regular Nutramigen and the one added with Enflora LGG, which is a type of probiotic. The formula is designed to handle colic in baby who suffer from cow’s milk protein allergy. It claimed to work fast in just within 48 hours after being fed. Read also: ProsoBee vs Nutramigen here.

Nutramigen Ingredients
Since this is a milk for cow’s milk allergy, you probably already can guess what this formula is made with. This one is made with casein hydrolysate as the protein source to replace regular milk protein. Even though the name is different, casein is still protein derived from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk protein is divided into two types: casein and whey. In general, whey is considered as fast protein because it is rapidly digested in an hour while Casein at the other side will last several hours to digest.

Hydrolysate means that the casein already passed hydrolysis process which is used to break down the casein protein into smaller pieces, so when your baby digest it, their body won’t recognize it as allergen. You will also found starch in Nutramigen ingredients list. Starch is not an uncommon ingredient and is usually added to add into the carbohydrate source just like maltodextrin, so your baby will stay full longer. Another use of starch is to smoothen and thicken the formula.

Similar like many other formula out there, Nutramigen also use corn syrup solids as the main carbohydrate source. Corn syrup is very popular and some people called it as dextrose, it is the powder form of HFCS. If you compare it to maltodextrin, the sugar content are usually higher.

Now, let’s compare Gerber Extensive HA with Nutramigen. Both of these formula are intended for baby with cow’s milk allergy. Even though they have the same purpose, they are in fact made with different ingredients. Gerber is made with extensively hydrolyzed whey while Nutramigen choose to use casein. From this part we can guess that Nutramigen will make your baby stay full longer even more with corn starch added.

Another difference is Gerber is using maltodextrin which has less sugar than corn syrup solids and contain probiotic to help immune system. Nutramigen also have the similar version but with different type of probiotic.

Gerber Extensive HA vs Nutramigen

Gerber Extensive HANutramigen
- Use corn maltodextrin- Use corn syrup solids
- Use extensively hydrolyzed whey protein- Use casein hydrolysate
- Contains probiotic B.lactis- Contains probiotic LGG (Nutramigen with Enflora LGG)
- Slightly more affordable- Slightly less affordable than Gerber

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you wouldn’t know which is more suitable for your baby before trying it and it is better to ask pediatrician or fellow mother with the same issue to get a better insight of what is the best option. However, we will recommend you Nutramigen because not only it can deal with your baby allergy, it also sate your baby longer.