Gerber Gentle Vs Gerber Soothe

Gerber is a brand of infant formula from the famous Swiss transnational company Nestle. This brand offer parents a line of infant formulas for sensitive infants; some of them are Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe. If your baby is having some issues with their formula, you may want to shift to Gerber formulas.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe
– What Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe
– Gerber Gentle vs Gerber Soothe

About Gerber Gentle
Gerber Gentle is an infant formula manufactured by Nestle. This infant formula is designed for infants who are sensitive towards regular infant formula that cause them to develop atopic dermatitis or commonly called Eczema or skin rash for their protein content, which currently one of the most common issue in infants. The popular idea of rash in infants is because they still can’t digest the protein properly. However, rash may caused by several other factors, such as skin infection and irritants.

Gerber Gentle is made to substitute breast milk when mother is not able to do exclusive breastfeeding or in some cases cant produce enough milk to feed their baby. This infant formula contains lactose and it is not suitable for infant with lactose sensitivity or allergy as well as infant with CMA or cow’s milk allergy in general. For similar infant formulas, you may want to check our article on Gerber Good Start Gentle Vs Enfamil Gentlease here.

Gerber Gentle Ingredients
Since Gerber Gentle is made for infants with sensitive tummies, the regular milk is being replaced with whey protein concentrate that was enzymatically hydrolyzed and reduced in minerals. Whey protein is derived from milk and hydrolyzed to broken down its protein into smaller pieces to ease infant digesting it and prevent allergic reaction. This infant formula is also enriched with probiotic B. lactis to support your baby’s immune system and digestive health.

About Gerber Soothe
Gerber Soothe is and infant formula from Nestle and in one line with Gerber Gentle we have been talked above. This infant formula is designed to reduced crying in colicky breastfed infants. Colic term is already around since years ago and it means the period of crying in infants in extended time and inconsolable. There is no clear solid reason why this happened but there are popular thoughts on the cause including the diet of mothers during breastfeeding.

Colic also happened in infants that were bottle-fed, which commonly caused by their formula that was not suitable for them. Gerber Soothe is claimed to be able to reduce crying until 50% within one week of bottle-fed with the formula. Aside from infant formula Gerber Soothe also available in the form of Probiotic Supplement for colicky infants. The infant formula also contain probiotic L. reuteri to promote healthy microbiota.

Gerber Soothe Ingredients
Since Gerber Soothe is designed for colicky infants, the regular milk ingredient is replaced by whey protein concentrate from cow’s milk. This protein concentrate is enzymatically hydrolyzed and reduced in minerals to be gentler on infant’s tummy. The formula is still contain lactose but in a small amount and suitable for infant with lactose sensitivity. Since the lactose is mostly removed, Gerber Soothe uses corn maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source.

Now, let’s compare Gerber Gentle with Gerber Soothe. The main difference between both formulas is their main purpose. Gerber Gentle is made for infant with milk protein sensitivity while Gerber Soothe is made for infant with lactose sensitivity. Gerber Gentle contain lactose, which is why it is not suitable for infant with lactose sensitivity, while Gerber Soothe still have lactose but in far smaller percentage, so it is suitable for lactose sensitive infants.

Gerber Gentle Vs Gerber Soothe

Gerber GentleGerber Soothe
- Designed for protein sensitive infants- Designed for lactose sensitive infants
- Contain lactose- Reduced in lactose
- Contain Probiotic B. lactis- Contain Probiotic L. reuteri

All in all, you have to base your decision on your baby’s need. If they are sensitive towards protein, you can choose between Gerber Gentle and Soothe, but if they are sensitive towards lactose, you should pick Gerber Soothe.