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Gerber Gentle vs Similac Sensitive

Looking for a formula for your baby may not an easy task to do and many parents experience changing their baby’s formula for a couple times before they found the right one. If your baby don’t have any issue regarding the ingredients in regular formula, you can pick whichever more convenient for you. In today Gerber Gentle vs Similac Sensitive article, we are going to give you more information regarding the ingredients, so you can pick which is more suitable for your baby.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Gerber Gentle and Similac Sensitive
– What Gerber Gentle and Similac Sensitive are made of
– Gerber Gentle vs Similac Sensitive

About Gerber Gentle
We know that it is uncommon on for babies who haven’t start to east solids to become constipated. If the baby is drinking formula or eats solid food, they will probably have a regular bowel movement at least once a day while if they are breastfed, there will be no normal number or schedule and only what’s typical for them. Breastfed baby are very rare to have constipation but formula fed baby have a higher chance to be constipated. Baby with problem like milk protein intolerance can end up being constipated.

Take a note to notice whether they start having uncomfortable stool or not by noticing if they have less bowel movements than usual. Especially if they haven’t had one for three or more days because they will be uncomfortable when they does. Even when they stool frequently, hard stools that are difficult to pass will also makes them uncomfortable. To deal with this problem, parents may use special formula like Gerber Gentle, which is designed to help baby stool comfortably.

Gerber Gentle Ingredients
The company claims that baby who are feed with easy to digest whey proteins often have more soft and fewer hard poops. Despite the popular belief, iron is not the cause of your baby’s constipation. Since Gerber Gentle is not a regular formula, the ingredients used in the milk is also different. Unlike regular formula that use regular cow’s milk, this one use Whey protein instead, which already enzymatically hydrolyzed and reduced in minerals.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, hydrolyzed whey means the whey have passed hydrolyzing process to break down its protein into smaller form, so it will be gentler in your baby’s stomach. Since formula is used to replace breast milk, Gerber Gentle also have a special ingredient called 2-FL HMO, which is a probiotics that will support your baby’s digestive health. The ingredients is being part of Gerber Pro Blend and is claimed to be made from non-GMO ingredients.

Besides the 2’-FL HMO, the formula also has another 2 probiotics which are P. lactis and L. reuteri that claimed to improve the good bacteria in your baby digestive system and will support developing their immune system similar to those found in human milk. The L. reuteri is good especially for colicky babies to ease colic and excessive crying as well as fussiness that usually cause by the uncomfortable feeling in their stomach after being fed.

Similar like many other formulas out there, Gerber Gentle also use corn maltodextrin combined with lactose as the carbohydrate source to keep your baby full longer. A mix of vegetable oils also used as the fat source.

About Similac Sensitive
Similac is one of the most popular brand of baby formula in the market. This brand is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories that has been around for more than a hundred years ago and Similac itself already exist since 1925, so it is not unusual to see the brand being very familiar from generation to another. The brand made so many formulas ranging from regular ones for baby without any issue to a numerous formulas to deal with each different issues commonly happen in infants.

Fussiness and excessive crying is not an unusual problem in infants and this can be caused by several problems that commonly rooted from the ingredient in your baby’s formula since breastfed baby usually don’t have the same issue. Some baby may not suitable with lactose and some may not suitable with intact milk protein, so if you are not sure yet, you can ask your baby’s pediatrician or fellow mother with the same issue.

If your baby fussiness is caused by the lactose in their formula, it should be easier to deal by changing their formula into those specially designed for lactose sensitivity like Similac Sensitive. This formula is not suitable with galactosemia since it is a different condition and also not suitable for those babies with cow’s milk allergy. For another formula recommendation, check Similac Soy vs Similac Sensitive here.

Similac Sensitive Ingredients
Since this is a special formula, the ingredients used is also a bit different than regular formulas for healthy babies. Instead of using the regular milk, Similac Sensitive use milk protein isolate instead. In milk, there are two types of protein; whey and casein. Whey is called a fast protein because it is quickly digested by the digestive system while the casein will take longer time to be digested. Milk protein isolate itself is those protein that is filtered to produce more concentrated protein.

Milk protein isolate still contains fat, carbohydrate or lactose but in a very small amount around 3%, so it should be friendlier for baby with lactose sensitivity. Since the lactose are mainly gone, the formula use corn syrup as the carbohydrate source. A mix of vegetable oils are also present for the fat source.

Now, let’s compare Gerber Gentle with Similac Sensitive. Both of them are designed to handle different issue, so the ingredients used are also different. The main difference is the lactose because Similac sensitive is made for lactose sensitivity, so there will be no lactose here unlike Gerber Gentle which is made to promote comfortable stool, so it still have lactose but instead of using isolated protein, they use hydrolyzed whey to be gentler on your baby’s stomach.

Gerber Gentle vs Similac Sensitive

Gerber GentleSimilac Sensitive
- Used to promote comfortable stool- Used to reduce fussiness and gas
- Used hydrolyzed whey protein- Used milk protein isolate
- Contains lactose- Doesn’t contain lactose
- Contains probiotics- Doesn’t contain probiotic
- Used corn maltodextrin- Used corn syrup

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is best to suit your baby’s conditions with the kind of formula they need. If your baby is having uncomfortable stool, Gerber Gentle is the one to go while if they are sensitive toward lactose, Similac Sensitive is the right choice. If you are not sure yet, you can ask your baby’s pediatrician before making any purchase.