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Gerber Good Start Vs Similac Sensitive

There are so many infant formula out there and for those who are new to this kind of thing you may confuse, which one better suit your baby’s sensitive tummy. If you are one of them, then read our article below, because we are going to compare two famous infant formula to help you decide which to feed your baby with. They are Gerber Good Start and Similac Sensitive.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Gerber Good Start and Similac Sensitive
– What is Gerber Good Start and Similac Sensitive enriched with
– Gerber Good Start vs Similac Sensitive

About Gerber Good Start
Gerber Good Start is an infant formula manufactured by Gerber Products Company, a formerly American based company that was headquartered in Michigan, California before it was purchased by Nestle Group. The infant formula claims to be modeled after the gentleness of breast milk and contains Comfort Proteins, which is easy in infant tummies to digest. Gerber Good Start is also enriched with DHA, probiotics and prebiotics, which similar to the breast milk.

How to Prepare the Milk
Before preparing the milk, please always wash clean your hand and sterilize the bottle. It is recommended to sterilize the bottle using boiling tap water and sterilization utensils. When using boiling water, roll the bottle in the boiling water for one minute and let it cools down before using it. Use a scoop of 8.9g milk powder for each 2 floz water and mix them in closed bottle by shaking it well and immediately feed the baby. The milk should be consumed within one hour or discard. Please remember, you may want to talk or consult to your baby’s doctor before deciding to choose feeding them the Gerber Good Start.

Many people has good reviews about the Gerber Good Start infant formula, they said that the formula was recommend by their lactation consultant. Unlike some other formula outside, the Gerber Good Start is said to not cause constipation and doesn’t give off unpleasant smell even when thrown up by the baby. The nutrition content that mimic natural breast milk is also important to babies. Moreover, the product comes in an affordable price compare to its rivals.

About Similac Sensitive
Similac Sensitive is an infant formula that was marketed by Abbott Laboratories. The product claims that the formulation is marketed towards babies that is not comfortable or not suitable with other brand of infant formula that commonly makes them fussy because of gas due lactose sensitivity. The Similac Sensitive infant formula is made for sensitive tummies and enriches with nutrients to support strong bones, brain and eyes, complete with DHA/ARA. The formulation is perfect for baby since birth until 12 months old.

Similac Ingredients
Similar to many brands out there Similac Sensitive makes their product to mimics breast milk as closely as possible. The formulation is enriched with their OptiGRO, which is basically blend of some essentials vitamins/nutrients needed by the baby. OptiGRO contains DHA, lutein, and Vitamin E, which is found on breast milk and are very important to brain and eye development. To sweeten the milk, Similac Sensitive is using Corn Syrup as replacement of lactose, which is commonly found in natural breast milk. Lactose is separated from the milk, because it may cause some reaction due to lactose sensitivity.

Gerber Good Start Vs Similac Sensitive

Gerber Good StartSimilac Sensitive
- Is slightly pricier than Similac Sensitive- Is slightly cheaper compared to Similac
- Doesn’t list corn syrup or sweetener as their top ingredients- List Corn syrup in their top ingredients
- Used whey protein, which is easier to digest than casein- Doesn’t list what kind of protein source used in the formula

Both Gerber Good Start and Similac Sensitive has similar ingredients. Both use corn syrup as their base sweetener to replace lactose. They also come in a similar range of price. Since babies are sensitive, it is better to ask your baby’s doctor before deciding on what brand of infant formula suit your baby better. You may also changes the brand few times before finding the right one, and it is pretty common. For those who are concern about corn syrup and sugar being the top ingredients of their infant formula, we recommend you the Gerber Good Start over Similac Sensitive, since their corn syrup content is lower compared to Similac Sensitive.