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Hipp Vs Holle

Hipp and Holle are two organic formula brands from Europe. They offer organic formula for infant with parents who concern about their baby’s health from consuming non organic foods. In this article, we are going to try compare them to see what exactly differ them or do they have some differences or not. If you are currently confused about which to choose, please check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Hipp and Holle
– How many formula variants Hipp and Holle had offered
– What Hipp and Holle are made from
– Hipp vs Holle

About Hipp
Hipp is a German infant formula brand manufactured by the same name company. For people outside Europe, the brand may sound unfamiliar to you, but for those who live in European countries, this brand should be familiar to you. Hipp is popular for being one of infant formula manufacturer who produced their products with organic ingredients, so parents won’t have to worry about their baby’s safety and can feed them with ease.

Hipp Formula Variants
Similar like many popular brands in the United States, Hipp also offer their products in wide range of formulas. Beside the regular formula, they offer formulas for baby with reflux, colic and constipation as well as formula especially used before your baby going to bed. The latest contains cereals to be more filling, so they will sleep more peacefully.

Hipp Ingredients
For an example, let use pick one among those formula to inform you about the ingredients they used. Hipp basic infant formula is called Comobiotic first infant milk. This formula is claimed to be nutritionally complete and made from organic ingredients. Its protein source are organic skimmed milk and organic whey powder, which as partially demineralized. It also have lactose as the carbohydrate source and similar like many other formula they use some vegetable oils as the fat source, which is also organic.

About Holle
Holle is a brand of infant formula from a Switzerland company with the same name. For those who live outside Europe, the brand may never reach your ear, but you may able to get them from online stores who shipped their products to your country. Similar like Hipp formula we have talked above, Holle also well known for its organic formula that is thought as safer options for their baby by many parents.

Holle Formula Variants
Holle offer parents with two types of formula one is cow’s milk base formula and the other is goat’s milk based formula, which all of them are organic. They also divided their infant formula by Stage 1 and 2. Stage 1 is for baby from birth to 6 month and the second step is for baby older than 6 months. To give you information regarding the ingredients they used to make its formula, let us pick its Stage 1 infant formula.

Holle Ingredients
From the ingredients list, Holle still used the common ingredients you usually found in infant formula. What’s different is only the organic labelling, since it is made with organic ingredients. For the protein source, Holle still uses skimmed milk and organic whey powder, which partially demineralized as its protein source. For the carbohydrate source, they use organic maltodextrin and lactose while the fat comes from organic vegetable oils. For similar infant formula, check our article on Enfamil non GMO vs Regular here.

Now, let’s compare Hipp and Holle. From the formula variants, Holle have two milk based formula one form cow and the other from goat while Hipp only have cow’s milk based formulas. Both uses the similar ingredients, whether it is the protein, carbohydrate as well as the fat source. Even though Holle doesn’t mention lactose in its ingredients, but they used organic milk that contain lactose.

Hipp vs Holle

- Originated from German- Originated from Switzerland
- Only offer cow’s milk based formula- Offer cow and goat milk based formulas
- Used lactose as the carbohydrate source- Used maltodextrin and lactose as the carbohydrate source

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both brands uses the same ingredients and you can choose whichever more convenient for you. However, if your baby is having a feeding issue regarding lactose or protein in milk, you may want to pick another brand. But if your baby doesn’t have any conditions, both offer similarly good organic formula.