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Kirkland Formula Infant Vs Similac Pro Advance

We have to admit that many parents spend so much money on their baby’s formula. To save more, many parents are changing their baby’s formula with store bought brands like Kirkland Formula Infant. Popular brand Similac also have similar product called Similac Pro Advance. If you want to know how Kirkland formula stand beside Similac, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Kirkland Formula Infant and Similac Pro Advance
– What Kirkland Formula Infant and Similac Pro Advance are made of
– Kirkland Formula Infant vs Similac Pro Advance

About Kirkland Formula Infant
Kirkland Formula is a brand of infant formula that exclusively sold and distributed by Costco. This brand is fall into generic or store brand formula as opposite of branded popular brands like Similac or Enfamil. There have been a rumor that the manufacturer of Kirkland Formula is Abbott Laboratories, which is also Similac manufacturer. Unlike other popular brands, unfortunately the brand only offer two kind of formulas, one is dedicated for healthy infant and the other is designed for lactose sensitivity.

Kirkland Formula Infant is especially designed for infant in their first 12 months to provide the nutrients they need in case the mother can’t do exclusive breastfeeding. This formula also made with non-GMO ingredients for parents with concern regarding the issue. Since it is a generic brand, Kirkland Formula Infant also offered at much more affordable than other popular brands. For another formula recommendations, check our article on Kirkland Formula vs Parents Choice here.

Kirkland Formula Infant Ingredients
Since Kirkland Formula Infant is made for infant without any feeding issue, it is not suitable for baby with lactose or protein sensitivity. This is a milk base formula made with nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate as the protein source while lactose is used as the carbohydrate source. To enrich the formula, Kirkland put DHA for brain development, Lutein for eyes health, Vitamin D for strong bones, and prebiotic for healthy digestive system.

About Similac Pro Advance
Similac Pro Advance is an infant formula from the brand Similac manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is claimed to be special since it has 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide or HMO, which also found in mother’s milk. This substance is an immune-nourishing probiotic that will circulate throughout the body and is beneficial to help strengthen your baby’s immune system, so your baby can get the benefit of breast milk even when you are not breastfeeding them.

This infant formula is designed for infant without any feeding issue due to lactose or milk protein sensitivity, as well as not suitable for baby with CMA. For those parents with concern against rBST treated cow’s milk, you will surely love Similac Pro Advance since it is claimed to be made from non rBST cow’s milk.

Similac Pro Advance Ingredients
Similac Pro Advance is a milk based infant formula, which made from nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate as the protein source. This formula also contain lactose from milk as carbohydrate source and a mix of vegetable oils as the fat source. To enrich and give more benefit, Similac Pro Advance have DHA for brain development, Lutein for eyes health, Vitamin E to develop cells, Nucleotides for building immune system, Antioxidants for protecting cells, and Prebiotics to promote digestive health.

Now, let’s compare Kirkland Formula Infant with Similac Pro Advance. Both formulas are intended for healthy infants without sensitivity toward either lactose or protein. From the main ingredients, they are also made with the same ingredients. What differ them is Similac Pro Advance have 2’-FL HMO and made from non rBST cow’s milk. At the other hand, Kirkland Formula Infant is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Kirkland Formula Infant vs Similac Pro Advance

Kirkland Formula InfantSimilac Pro Advance
- Available at Costco- Available in most places
- Made from non-GMO ingredients- Made from non-rBST cow’s milk
- Doesn’t contain 2’-FL HMO- Contains 2’-FL HMO
- More affordable than Similac Pro Advance- Offered at higher price than Kirkland Formula Infant

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. The key here is the 2’-FL HMO and the price. If your baby is fine without 2’-FL HMO formula, you should choose Kirkland Formula Infant since it have the same ingredients but comes in more affordable price.