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Kirkland Formula Vs Gerber

Kirkland formula and Gerber are two popular brand of infant formula in the market. Kirkland formula is famous for being generic product that available in more affordable prices compared to many popular brand like Gerber. If you want to know how Kirkland formula stand beside Gerber, check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about;
– What is Kirkland formula and Gerber
– What Kirkland formula and Gerber are made of
– Kirkland Formula vs Gerber

About Kirkland formula
Kirkland formula is brand of infant formula by Costco. This brand is exclusively sold in Costco stores near your place. For those who live outside countries covered by Costco, you may find it hard to get the formula. The brand itself is seen as generic brand for it is available in more affordable price than popular branded infant formula like Enfamil or Similac. Kirkland formula is great option for parents who want to save more in their baby’s formula without sacrificing quality.

The information about the manufacturer of Kirkland formula is very limited. There is some rumor that the brand is actually made by Abbott Laboratories, which is also the manufacturer of Similac and their only difference is that Kirkland is marketed under Costco. From the safety, you shouldn’t worry because all infant formula available in the US are already meets the requirements for nutrients and manufacturing specified for infant formula by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Kirkland formula Ingredients
Unlike other popular brands, unfortunately Kirkland formula only offers two types of infant formulas. One is named infant formula for baby without feeding issue and the other one called sensitivity, which is designed for infant with lactose sensitivity. The ingredients used in both formulas are very similar to those from Similac for they may have comes from the same factory, such as nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate for healthy baby and whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate for lactose sensitivity. (Have a look : Similac vs Kirkland formula)

About Gerber
Gerber is a brand of infant formula manufactured by the Swiss transnational food and drink company Nestle. This infant formula brand is available widely in the United States through many grocery stores. Gerber offer a range of infant formula that was made without any GMO related ingredients for parents with concern regarding the issue. Not only infant formula, the brand also offer probiotic drops for colicky infants, which also made without any GMO related ingredients.

Similar to many popular infant formula brands out there, Gerber also offer a variety of infant formula for both healthy baby and baby with feeding issues. Even though the amount is not as many as other popular brands, you will still find formula for supplementing, milk protein sensitivity, soy based infant formula as well as hypoallergenic formula for baby with cow’s milk allergy.

Gerber Ingredients
The ingredients used in all of those formulas are non GMO except for the hypoallergenic formula. All of those formulas are formulated with suitable ingredients to meets each formula’s purposes, such as whey protein concentrate for lactose sensitivity and enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein isolate for baby with cow’s milk sensitivity.

Now, let’s compare Kirkland formula with Gerber. From the formula variants of both brands, Kirkland formula is lacking behind, since it only have two formulas while Gerber offer 5 formulas. From the ingredients, both used the appropriate ingredients for each formula type. From the price point, Kirkland formula is definitely more affordable than Gerber for almost 50%.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. The right infant formula is the one that is suitable for your baby. If your baby doesn’t have any feeding issue, you can feed them with any infant formula you prefer the most. But if they have a condition, it is better to consult with your baby’s pediatrician first just to make sure you are going to pick the one meets your baby’s condition.

Kirkland Formula vs Gerber

Kirkland FormulaGerber
- Only offer two infant formulas- Offer a wider range of infant formula
- More affordable than Gerber- Not as affordable as Kirkland formula
- Only available in Costco- Available in most places

In case your baby have no problem, we will recommend you Kirkland formula for it is more affordable than Gerber, so you can save more to purchase other important thing for your baby.