Kirkland Formula Vs Nestle Good Start

We know that infant formula are never cheap. Many parents have to spend so much on their baby’s formula moreover if the mother can’t breastfeed them. To lessen parent’s burden Costco offer Kirkland Formula in far more affordable price. In this article we are going to compare Kirkland Formula with Nestle Good Start, which is also a popular brand to see how they stand beside each other.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Kirkland Formula and Nestle Good Start
– What Kirkland Formula and Nestle Good Start are made of
-Kirkland Formula vs Nestle Good Start

About Kirkland Formula
Kirkland Formula is a brand of infant formula, which is exclusively distributed by Costco. This brand is fall into generic or store brand formula to set it apart from other popular brands like Similac or Enfamil. Unlike these famous brands, Kirkland Formula is offered at much lower and more affordable price to help parents lessening their burden purchasing their baby’s formula especially when they are not breastfed and only consume formula.

There is still very little information regarding the manufacturer of Kirkland Formula, but some source states that they are made by the manufacturer of Similac, Abbott Laboratories. Looking at both brands ingredients, you will know that they are indeed very similar. The most unfortunate thing about the brand is they offer very limited formula options for you to choose and is very depend on where you live. Product sold in one country may have different appearance or variants to another.

Kirkland Formula Ingredients
However, the ingredients used in Kirkland Formula are still the same with most brands available in the market. For example the Infant formula, which is intended for healthy infant is made with nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate for the protein source as well as lactose for its carbohydrate source. For the safety, you don’t have to worry since all infant formula in the United States are already meet the requirements and standards of FDA. For another formula recommendation, check our article on Kirkland Formula Infant vs Similac Pro Advance here.

About Nestle Good Start
Nestle Good Start is a brand of infant formula manufactured by Nestle. This brand is available in the USA and many other countries. However, the brand name may differ depending on where you live. In the United States, this brand is called Gerber Good Start while Nestle Good Start is used in countries like Canada. Besides offering formula for infants, they also offer formula for older babies above 12 months as well as liquid formula for easy serving.

When it comes to variants, Nestle Good Start divided their infant formula into 2 stages; first stage for 0 to 6 months and stage 2 is for baby older baby. All of their formulas are made with non-GMO ingredients, so parents with concerns against the issue can feed their baby with ease. Compared to popular brands in the US, this brand offer narrower range of formulas mainly only divided into milk based and soy based formula.

Nestle Good Start Ingredients
Even though they offer limited formulas, one of their product (Good Start DHA) is already made with partially hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate, so it can be consumed by healthy and infant with feeding issue to milk protein. Another example is Good Start Probiotic DHA, which is made with partially hydrolyzed protein and doesn’t use lactose, so it is suitable for infant with lactose sensitivity.

Now, let’s compare Kirkland Formula with Nestle Good Start. Both brands are using the standard ingredients used in many other brands and is equally good depend on your baby’s condition. If they are healthy, they should able to consume any formula from these brands. However, Nestle Good Start seems to offer gentler protein in each one of their formula if compared to Kirkland Formula.

Kirkland Formula vs Nestle Good Start

Kirkland FormulaNestle Good Start
- Offer less formula variants- Offer more formula variants
- More affordable than Nestle Good Start- Not as affordable as Kirkland Formula
- Available in Costco- Available in most places

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If your baby is healthy and is fine with any type of formula, we highly recommend you Kirkland Formula for it is more affordable than Nestle Good Start for more than half the price.