Kirkland Formula Vs Parent’s Choice

Kirkland Formula and Parent’s Choice are two store brands infant formulas available across United States in their respective stores. You can find Kirkland Formula in Costco and Parent’s Choice in Walmart. Both brands are equally affordable, so if you want to save more money, you may change your baby formula with one of them. If you want to know more about them, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Kirkland Formula and Parent’s Choice
– What Kirkland Formula and Parent’s Choice are made of
– Kirkland Formula vs Parent’s Choice

About Kirkland Formula
Kirkland Formula is a brand of infant formula that exclusively sold at Costco. This kind of infant brand is called as store brand or generic brand as the opposite of branded infant formula like the most popular Enfamil and Similac for infant. The brand is offered at lower cost to ease parents burden in spending so much on their baby’s formulas especially in their first year or if the mother couldn’t give exclusive breastfeeding.

The manufacturer of Kirkland Formula is still not clear, but some articles suggest that the brand may have been manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, which is also the manufacturer of Similac. However, unlike Similac that offer numerous formulas for each feeding issues, Kirkland Formula currently only offer two formulas; one for healthy infant and the other is for infant with lactose sensitivity that also named “sensitivity”.

Kirkland Formula Ingredients
Since the brand is made by the manufacturer of Similac, their ingredients also look very similar. For example the regular infant formula that was made with nonfat milk as the protein source and lactose as the carbohydrate source as well as mix of vegetable oils for fat source. At the other hand Sensitivity is made with whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate as the protein source and corn syrup as the carbohydrate source. For more infant formula recommendation, check our article on Kirkland Formula Sensitivity vs Similac Sensitive here.

About Parent’s Choice
Parent’s Choice is a brand of infant formula that exclusively sold at Walmart. Similar to Kirkland Formula we have talked above, this formula is also categorized as generic or store brand formula that offered at more affordable price than branded formula out there. The brand is first introduced in 1998 and has been exist since then to provide parents with quality formula without having to pay for the high price. Aside from infant formula, the brand also offer toddler formula for older infants.

Even though it is more affordable, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of Parent’s Choice since all infant formula available in the United States already meets the nutritional requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for Infant formula under the regulation of the FDA.

Parent’s Choice Ingredients
For the ingredients they used, Parent’s Choice uses the common ingredients in many other infant formula brand. For example, they used nonfat milk as the protein source and lactose as the carbohydrate source for their regular infant formula. For their Sensitivity formula, Parent’s Choice is using milk protein isolate as the protein source and corn syrup as the carbohydrate source as well as a mix of vegetable oils for the fat source.

Now, let’s compare Kirkland Formula with Parent’s Choice. From the variant, it is clear that Parent’s Choice offer more product variants for almost every feeding issues in infants while Kirkland Formula only offer two formulas for healthy infant and infant with lactose sensitivity. Both products uses the standard ingredients used in many infant formulas available. From the price point of view, both brands offered at similar price.

Kirkland Formula vs Parent’s Choice

Kirkland FormulaParent’s Choice
- Available in Costco- Available in Walmart
- Only offer two formula types- Offer a wider range of formulas
- Slightly more expensive than Parent’s Choice- Slightly more affordable than Kirkland Formula

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. They are equally good options for those who want to save some more from their infant formula. Since both are as affordable, you may choose whichever you prefer the most or which brand that offer the most suitable formula for your baby.