Member’s Mark Infant Formula Vs Enfamil

We know that parents will likely spend much on their baby formula especially on their first year. As an alternative you can pick more affordable formula like Member’s Mark Infant formula. if you want to know how this brand compare to popular brand like Enfamil, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Member’s Mark Infant formula and Enfamil
– How many variants offered by each brand
– Member’s Mark Infant formula vs Enfamil

About Member’s Mark Infant formula
Member’s Mark Infant formula is a product by Sam’s West, Inc. this company is the one that owned and operated Walmart. Sams’ West is doing their business under the name of Sam’s Club, so you will likely found the name in their products including their baby or infant formula. Member’s Mark Infant formula is famous for their more affordable prices compared to many or more popular infant formula brands out there like Enfamil or Similac.

Member’s Mark Infant formula Variants
Similar to those brands, Member’s Mark Infant formula offer more than one formula for infants including the regular infant formula for baby with no feeding issue; Advantage that was made to mimic mother breast milk; Gentle for infant with protein and lactose sensitivity; and Sensitive for infant with lactose sensitivity. All of these said infant formulas are designed to meet each issues depending on the variants.

All of Member’s Mark Infant formula are made with non GMO ingredients, so mothers can be sure that their babies will not consumed formula from genetically modified plants or animals. GMO is widely known to create some unpredictable problems when consumed by infants like allergies, toxins, and nutritional problems. However, further unbiased study is still needed to prove if it is true or not.

About Enfamil
Enfamil is a brand of baby or infant formula that was manufactured by Mead Johnson. This company is currently the leading manufacturer of infant formula both inside the United States and globally with Enfamil as their flagship product. Mead Johnson have a long history in the infant formula industry since the brand was introduced in the late 1950s until now. As an infant formula brand, you can expect that Enfamil offer a wide variants of formulas. If you want to know better about each one of them, check our article on Enfamil here.

Enfamil Variants
Those formulas including the regular Enfamil Infant for baby without any feeding issue; Newborn that was intended for newborn between 0 to 3 months; Gentlease for lactose and protein sensitivity; Nutramigen to manage colic; ProSobee, which made from soy protein for infant with sensitivity towards cow’s milk, A.R that was made with rice starch to enrich the consistency and reducing spit up in infants; Reguline to promote comfortable stools; and Enspire, which formulated to mimic breast milk as close as possible.

For mothers who are concerns about GMO related products, Enfamil also offer some of their formulas in premium version means, it does not contain ingredients from genetically modified plants or animal. As the leading infant formula, Enfamil designed each one of their formula to meet the requirements and address the exact issue or conditions experience by your baby.

Now, let’s compare Member’s Mark Infant formula with Enfamil. Both equally offer you a variants of infant formulas whether for baby with no feeding issue or for those with lactose or protein sensitivity. Some of their difference are Enfamil have more variants than Member’s Mark Infant formula. Enfamil also have non cow’s milk formula while Member’s Mark in not. Enfamil have a formula that was designed for spitting up in infants while Member’s Mark Infant formula currently don’t have this option.

Member’s Mark Infant Formula vs Enfamil

Member’s Mark Infant FormulaEnfamil
- Have lesser variants compared to Enfamil- Have more variants
- Does Not have non cow’s milk formula- Have non cow’s milk formula
- More affordable than Enfamil- Is offered at higher price compared to Member’s Mark Infant formula

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Many people are opting for Member’s Mark Infant formula since they are more affordable than Similac and we know that you will most likely to spend much for your baby formula especially in their first year. If your baby are suitable with Member’s Mark Infant formula, you can save much by choosing it. But if your baby are not suitable with for example cow’s milk in general, you may want to opt for another brand.