Neocate Vs Alimentum

Neocate and Alimentum are both hypoallergenic infant formula that you can pick for your infants who suffer from milk allergy. Before choosing which one to take, you may want to read our article below first, since even though they are similar, in reality they are quite different.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Neocate and Alimentum
– What Neocate and Alimentum are made of
– Neocate and Alimentum

About Neocate
Neocate is an amino acid based infant formula from the brand Nutricia. This infant formula is especially designed and suitable for dietary management of babies with cow’s milk allergy, multiple food intolerance, and other type of conditions that required mother to give them an elemental formula. Neocate offer more than one types of hypoallergenic formula for both infant and children. The Neocate formula that was designed for infant is called the Neocate LCP. This infant formula is used as breast milk replacement, in case if mother is not able to do breastfeeding because the formula is nutritionally complete.

Neocate Ingredients
As it have been mentioned earlier, Neocate is an hypoallergenic amino-acid based formula intended for infant with cow’s milk allergies, so you can expect that this infant formula doesn’t contain milk or any ingredients that derived from milk. Neocate is using dried glucose syrup as its carbohydrate source. It also uses several of vegetable oils as it fat source, such as Non-hydrogenated coconut oil, high oleic sunflower oil, and refined vegetable oil. Since it doesn’t contain any milk at all, Neocate uses several of amino acid as its protein source, such as L-Arginine, L-Aspartate, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, L-Proline, L-Valine, and many other.

About Alimentum
Alimentum is an infant formula from the brand Similac, which is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is design to reduce excessive crying or colic or infant with food allergies. The product claims that it can work fast in under 24 hours after the baby is being fed by Alimentum. Colic is a phase when infant is crying for more than three hours per day and three times a week. There is no clear explanation about the cause of colic, but the most common idea is it was caused by pain or uncomfortable feeling in baby’s abdomen. Even though it is not a serious medical problem, the crying can be frustrating. If you want to know about other hypoallergenic formulas, read our article on EleCare Vs Alimentum here.

Alimentum Ingredients
Alimentum used an easy to digest formula that gentle in infant’s sensitive tummy. It also nutritionally complete, to help support you baby’s healthy growth. Being a hypoallergenic formula, Alimentum is also lactose free, so it is safe for baby with lactose sensitivity or intolerance. This infant formula contains corn maltodextrin as its carbohydrate source and using casein hydrolysate as its milk replacement to protein. Casein hydrolysate is derived from cow’s milk, which is the protein that already passed a hydrolysis process to break down its casein into far smaller pieces, so the body will not take it as an allergen.

Now, let’s compare Neocate and Alimentum. Both of them are hypoallergenic formula but are made with different ingredients and intended to different level of allergy. As we already know, Neocate is an amino-acid based infant formula, which does not contain any milk at all and replace its protein source with amino-acids. At the other hand Alimentum is still using milk derived casein hydrolysate, so in other word Alimentum use milk in its ingredient. Both of them are used in different level of cow’s milk allergy, Neocate is used for severe allergy when infant can’t consume milk at any cost, while Alimentum is used for medium to moderate allergy when infant still can consume casein hydrolysate.

Neocate Vs Alimentum

- Designed for severe CMA- Designed for medium to moderate CMA
- Used amino acids as their protein source to replace milk- Used casein hydrolysate to replace regular milk
- Only available in powder form- Available in both powder and liquid form

All in all, before choosing the correct formula for your infant, you have to understand their condition first and it is recommended to ask their pediatrician. If your infants have sever milk and food allergy, it is better to opt for Neocate, but if they allergy is not severe, you can choose Alimentum instead.