Nutramigen Vs Gentlease

Choosing the right formula for our babies does confusing, even more if they are not suitable with the regular infant formula you give to them. If your babies often crying in or after feeding time, it is best to change your formula, since they may have some allergies with the ingredients. If your infants are fussy and often crying, you may want to read our article below, because we are going to introduce you to two infants formula to treat fussiness in infants; they are Enfamil Nutramigen and Gentlease.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Nutramigen and Gentlease
– What Nutramigen and Gentlease are made of
– Nutramigen vs Gentlease

About Nutramigen
Nutramigen is an infant formula by the brand Enfamil, which is manufactured by Mead Johnson. This infant formula is designed to reduce colic in infant that caused by cow’s milk allergy and able works fast within 48 hours. Nutramigen is the solution for your baby if they are struggling to sleep, has excessive gas and cries more than three hours a day, which is the sign of colic. Colic is commonly caused by milk allergy, whether it is from the protein or lactose. If your baby have colic, the chance that they are having other allergies, such as asthma or eczema is also higher. Nutramigen is only available in powdered form.

Nutramigen Ingredients and Benefit
Since Nutramigen is designed to reduce colic this infant formula is not using regular milk in their ingredients list instead they are using Casein hydrolysate which derived from milk. Casein hydrolysate is the milk protein that have been gone through hydrolysis process to break the Casein protein in smaller pieces. This protein is known to contain all the benefit in regular protein but is more friendly and easier to digest by babies. As the fat source, Nutramigen use a mix of vegetable oil from palm oil, coconut oil, soy, and high oleic sunflower oil. Nutramigen is enriched with both DHA and ARA to mimic nutrients in breast milk and give similar benefit to support infants’ health and growth.

About Gentlease
Gentlease is an infant formula from the brand Enfamil, which also manufactured by Mead Johnson. This infant milk is designed to ease fussiness in infants or excessive gas that makes them crying and able to work fast within 24 hours. Gentlease also claims to contains nutrients that needed by infant in their growth between 0 to 12 months with an easy to digest formula. Many feeding issue in infants are caused by their digestive that is still developing, so that is why fussiness and crying are often happen in feeding time. Gentlease is available in both powdered and ready to feed liquid. If you are interested in another infant formula, read our article on Pregestimil Vs Alimentum here.

Gentlease Ingredients and Benefit
Since Gentlease is designed to be gentle in infant’s tummy, the regular milk ingredient is replaced by partially hydrolyzed milk. Partially hydrolyzed milk, contains protein that has been broken down, so it will be easier for babies to digest it and it also contains less lactose than regular milk. Aside from partially hydrolyzed milk, Gentlease also add whey protein concentrate to add more protein into the product. This whey protein is derived from soy. To add more nutrition, Gentlease is enriched with DHA and ARA to support infant’s eyes health and cognitive development. Similar to Nutramigen we have talked above Gentlease also used a mix of vegetable oil as their fat source.

Now, let’s compare Nutramigen and Gentlease. Both of them are designed to feed infants with cow’s milk allergy. Nutramigen is using casein hydrolysate, which making the formula hypoallergenic and is suitable for babies with colic caused by milk protein sensitivity/intolerance. While Gentlease used partially hydrolyzed milk, so it is also suitable for babies with lactose intolerance or sensitivity.

Nutramigen Vs Gentlease

- Designed for baby’s with cow’s milk protein allergy- Designed to ease fussiness and gases caused by lactose in milk
- Use casein hydrolysate- Use partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk
- Only available in powdered form- Available in both powder and read to feed liquid

All in all, before choosing the right formula for your infant, it is better to consult your pediatrician about their conditions and ask for a recommendation. In our opinion, if your baby have milk protein intolerance/sensitivity it is best to opt for Nutramigen, but if they have lactose intolerance/sensitivity, it is best to opt for Gentlease.