Nutramigen vs Puramino

It is not rare for human to have a milk allergy and people from any age can suffer from the condition. However, it is somehow more common in infants around 2% to 3% while some of them are cured when they grow up, some may not. In today Nutramigen vs Puramino article, we are going to compare these two amino acids based formulas to give you more information regarding what is exactly the difference between these two similar yet different formulas.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Cow’s Milk Allergy
– What are Nutramigen and Puramino
– What Nutramigen and Puramino are made of
– Nutramigen vs Puramino

Cow’s Milk Allergy
Cow’s milk allergy not only happened in infants that feed with formula but also happened to those infants who receive breast milk. The source of the allergy is usually hard to know if you are not asking a professional help since there are so many foods that can triggers allergic reaction in human body. However, breastfed baby is very rare to have cow’s milk allergy probably since they don’t consume them directly but from the mother’s diet. The easiest way to notice whether your baby is allergic to what you consume is to see their reaction after feeding.

If your baby is allergic to the food you are consuming, they may be fussy after feeding or cry for long periods or having a discomfort/disturbed sleep. If the baby is not breastfed and only consume formula, the main reason is clearer, which is of course related to the ingredients on their formula. If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, it means that their immune system is overreacts to proteins in cow’s milk, which is the basic of baby’s formula.

This immune system is normally fights infections but if they are allergic, every time their body encountered milk proteins, their body thinks that these proteins are harmful invaders and works very hard to fight them then release chemical like histamine in the body, which is an allergic reaction. Even though milk allergy are sometime confused with lactose intolerance, they are not the same because lactose intolerance happens when the body has trouble digesting lactose. Some cow’s milk allergy symptoms are wheezing, trouble breathing, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, and stomach upset. Read also: Neocate vs Nutramigen here.

About Nutramigen and Puramino
If your baby is consuming infant formula and then there are reactions that showed they are suffering from cow’s milk allergy, you can try changing the formula with several available options like soy based formula, hydrolyzed proteins based formula and if their allergy is severe, the last option is usually amino acids based formula. There are quite many of them in the market coming from well-known brands and two of them are Nutramigen and Puramino.

Nutramigen and Puramino are both Enfamil formula manufactured by Mead Johnson and even though they are very similar to each other, their main purpose is actually very different. These formulas are aimed to treat baby with cow’s milk allergy but Nutramigen is designed to manage colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy, which is claimed to work quickly only in under 48 hours. At the other hand Puramino is used to treat baby with severe cow’s milk allergy, multiple food allergies, or other type of gastrointestinal conditions.

Colic and Milk Allergy
Even until today, the cause for colic is still unclear because some baby experience it and some not. The most common belief is it is caused by the natural developmental stage as they grow older and adjusting to many things outside the womb. The cause can be trapped wind, feeding difficulties, hypersensitivity to environmental stimuli or some medical causes like cow’s milk allergy, lactose intolerance, and reflux. Cow’s milk allergy may cause colic but only in a small subset of patients.

In milk allergy, symptoms may happen soon or delayed and this delayed effects is easily misunderstood as colic. The conclusion is colic can’t be cured but there are strategies to bring relief, such as soothing activities and feeding recommendation while cow’s milk allergy is far less common and can mimic colic but with more serious symptoms. Colic will be gone usually before your baby reach 1 year old while cow’s milk allergy will last about 2-3 years and even longer.

Nutramigen and Puramino Ingredients
Since Nutramigen is designed for colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy, its ingredients are also different from regular formula. The formula used casein hydrolysate derived from cow’s milk. Casein is the protein in cow’s milk beside whey. Casein is often described as the slow protein since the body will need longer time to digest it compare to whey that only need around 1 hour to be digested. The result is casein will make your baby feel full longer.

Hydrolysate itself means that the casein is already passed a hydrolysis process to break down the protein, so it can be gentler on your baby’s stomach and make their immune system won’t react to the protein. Just like many other formula out there, Nutramigen also use corn syrup solids as the carbohydrate source to replace lactose as well as a mix of vegetable oils like palm olein, soy oil, coconut oil, and high oleic sunflower oils as the fat source.

Puramino at the other hand is not made with cow’s milk, it used a combination of amino acids to replace the protein source from cow’s milk. Amino acids itself are the building block of protein, so they will serve the same purpose as cow’s milk protein in hypoallergenic formula or elemental formula. Since amino acids are the simplest form of protein, they will be easier to process by your baby. For the carbohydrate source, it also still used corn syrup solids while for the fat source, there are MCT oil, so oil, and high oleic sunflower oil.

Now, let’s compare Nutramigen with Puramino. As it has been mentioned earlier, these formulas are very similar yet also different. Nutramigen is designed for colic due to milk protein allergy while Puramino is for severe milk allergy, which makes your baby can’t consume cow’s milk at all cost. Since they are made for different purpose, their main ingredients are also different. Nutramigen is using casein hydrolysate from cow’s milk while the other is using amino acids.

Nutramigen vs Puramino

- Made for colic due to cow’s milk allergy- Made for cow’s milk protein/multiple food allergies
- Made for moderate cow’s milk allergy- Made for severe cow’s milk allergy
- Made with casein hydrolysate- Made with amino acids

All in all, the decision is all yours. In our opinion, they are best for different baby. If your baby is having a moderate cow’s milk allergy, Nutramigen should be enough to handle the issue but if they are having a severe condition, you should pick Puramino and if you are not sure yet, it is always recommended to ask your baby pediatrician first before choosing their formula.