Parent’s Choice Formula Vs Enfamil

There are so many infant formula brands available in the market. Sometimes the more options makes us more confused on which to choose rather than easing them. To help you choose, in this article we are going to compare a generic infant formula from Walmart called Parent’s Choice Formula and popular brand like Enfamil to give you a glimpse on both brands.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Parent’s Choice Formula and Enfamil
– What Parent’s Choice Formula and Enfamil are made of
– Parent’s Choice Formula vs Enfamil

About Parent’s Choice Formula
Parent’s Choice Formula is brand of infant formula from Walmart. This brand is already available since 1998 and still continue providing parents with nutritious formula for their baby as well as lessening their burden by offering more affordable products compared to popular brands in the market like Enfamil or Similac. As a Walmart’s exclusive brand, their availability is also limited since it is only being sold at Walmart, unless you order it online.

Similar like many other brands out there, Parent’s Choice Formula offer you a range of formulas according on common feeding issue in infants, such as formula for lactose or milk protein sensitivity. It also have organic formulas as well as some formulas made from non GMO ingredients. However, if compared to popular brands, the amount is still not as many. (Read also : Parent’s Choice Formula vs Similac)

Parent’s Choice Formula Ingredients
One of Parent’s Choice Formula popular formula is Gentle for fussiness, gas, and crying. This infant formula is made with 25% less lactose than standard milk based formula and specially made with partially broken down whey protein from cow’s milk that is gentler on infant stomach. Similar like the most infant formula out there that was design for protein sensitivity, Parent’s Choice Formula also uses corn syrup as its carbohydrate source.

About Enfamil
Enfamil is a brand of infant and toddler formula as well as milk for mother during their pregnancy. This brand is manufactured by Mead Johnson and have been around since decades ago, so it is not strange if it is one of the most popular infant milk to this days. Enfamil offers parents a wide range of infant formulas for each concerns often happen in infants that mostly caused by the lactose and protein content in cow’s milk.

You will also find soy based infant formula by Enfamil as well as non GMO formulas for parents with concern against genetically modified ingredients in their infant formula. Since we use Gentle formula is Parent’s Choice Formula, we are also picking the similar formula from Enfamil to compare them better. The formula we are going to use is Enfamil Gentlease, which is designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying in infants.

Enfamil Ingredients
Enfamil uses partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids from soy. Nonfat milk is hydrolyzed to break down its protein and lactose into smaller pieces, so it will be easier for infant to digest it while whey protein is added as one of protein source. Similar to most gentle formula, Enfamil also used corn syrup solids in this product.

Now, let’s compare Parent’s Choice Formula with Enfamil. From the product variants, Parent’s Choice Formula and Enfamil have a wide range of formulas, but Enfamil offer slightly more formula in their catalogue. Since there are so many of them, we decided to pick one formula from each brand to compare. From their ingredient list Parent’s Choice Formula Gentle uses nonfat formula and whey protein hydrolysate while Enfamil Gentlease uses partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein as the protein source.

Parent’s Choice Formula Vs Enfamil

Parent’s Choice formulaEnfamil
- Available later than Enfamil- Available earlier than Parent’s Choice formula
- Slightly lacking behind in formula variants from Enfamil- Have more formula variants than Parent’s Choice formula
- Offered at more affordable prices than Enfamil- Offered at higher prices than Parent’s Choice formula
- Only available at Walmart or online retailers- Available in most places

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is better to ask your baby’s pediatrician first before choosing especially if your baby have some feeding issue or fellow mothers with the same concern. If your pediatrician said it is okay to choose between both, you may choose which one you think is better. In our opinion as long as your baby is suitable with either formula you may want to pick Parent’s Choice formula for it is more affordable.