Parent’s Choice Formula Vs Similac

Infant formula is not cheap and many parent have to spend so much on their baby’s formula especially when they are not breastfed. To help parents lessening their burden, Walmart offers affordable brand of infant formula called Parent’s Choice Formula. If you want to know how the brand compare to popular brand like Similac, check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Parent’s Choice Formula and Similac
– What Formulas these brands offer you
– Parent’s Choice Formula vs Similac

About Parent’s Choice Formula
Parent’s Choice Formula is brand of infant formula from Walmart similar to Member’s mark infant formula. This brand is specializing in offering their customers more affordable infant formula for their baby compared to many popular formulas, such as Enfamil or Similac. We know that parent will definitely spend so much on their baby formula moreover if the mother can’t produce enough milk or don’t do breastfeeding, so the baby have to drink formula since they were born.

This is why Parent’s Choice Formula is created, which is to help parents lessening their burden on spending on expensive formulas. Even though offered at more affordable prices, Parent’s Choice Formula quality meets FDA standard and AAP recommendations. Just like more expensive brands, this brand also offer parents a wide range of formulas to match common feeding issues in infants. They currently have eleven infant formulas including regular formula and formula for sensitive tummies.

Parent’s Choice Formula Variants
Those variants are Parent’s Choice Formula Infant and Advantage for infant without any feeding issue, Gentle for protein sensitivity, Sensitivity for lactose sensitivity, Soy for infant who cannot consume milk, Organic for GMO concern parents, Tender with easy to digest formula, Added Rice for spitting up, Supplementation for breastfeeding mothers who want to introduce formula, and the rest two is Infant and Advance non-GMO for infant without feeding issue.

About Similac
Similac is a brand of infant and baby formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This brand is currently one of the most famous infant brand together with Enfamil and Gerber. Similar to other infant brands, Similac offer numerous formulas for each feeding issue often happened in infants that mostly caused by cow’s milk protein and lactose. This brand offer their formulas in the same range of price with other top brands and even when it is slightly lower or higher, the gap doesn’t add up to much in the end.

Similac Variants
At Similac, you can find almost any kind of formulas you need to handle feeding issue in your infants. The currently offer both milk based and soy based formula for infant with cow’s milk sensitivity. Since GMO became hot issue in the last decade, the brand also offer the non-GMO version of their already exist formulas to help parents feel safe about their baby’s formulas.

Similac cover all formulas for healthy infants and infants with some conditions. For healthy infants, their main formula is Similac Advance and for sensitive tummies their main formulas are Alimentum and Sensitive, which made to address protein allergy and lactose sensitivity respectively.

Now, let’s compare Parent’s Choice Formula with Similac. From the ingredients side that you can check on each of their formulas, we know that the main ingredients used by both brands are the same. Since all infant formulas in the United States have to meets FDA requirements, you can rest assure about their safety. However, from variants or range point of view, Parent’s Choice Formula is clearly lacking behind Similac.

Similac offer formula for prematurely born infants as well as infants with severe milk allergy that can’t consume milk at all cost, while Parent’s Choice Formula only offer milk and soy based formulas.

Parent’s Choice Formula vs Similac

Parent’s Choice FormulaSimilac
- Available at more affordable prices- Available at higher prices
- Limited formula options- Offer a wider range of formulas or each feeding issues
- Doesn’t offer amino acid based formula for severe CMA- Offer amino acid based formula for CMA
- Only available at Walmart- Available in almost every stores

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Before choosing which brand to use, it is better to know whether your baby have a condition or not and then match their formula with those issues. If your baby is fine with milk or soy based formula, you can pick Parent’s Choice Formula or other generic brand, but if your baby have sever CMA, it is better to pick brand like Similac that offer the formula suitable for them.