Parent’s Choice Gentle vs Similac Total Comfort

Feeding issue like gas, fussiness, and crying are very common in infants and usually not a serious condition. Parents can deal with the issue by swapping their baby’s formula to gentler formulas like Parent’s Choice Gentle and Similac Total Comfort. To understand what the difference between these formulas and help you choose the most suitable one for your baby, you may want to check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Parent’s Choice Gentle and Similac Total Comfort
– What Parent’s Choice Gentle and Similac Total Comfort are made of
– Parent’s Choice Gentle vs Similac Total Comfort

About Parent’s Choice Gentle
Parent’s Choice Gentle is an infant formula from Parent’s Choice, which is a brand of formula from Walmart. This brand is categorized as generic infant formula or store brand formula as the opposite of more popular and more expensive branded formula like Similac or Enfamil. This brand is offering their products at far more affordable prices than those popular brands to help parents lessening their burden when they have to use formula for their babies.

Parent’s Choice Gentle is designed for those infants with feeding issue like fussiness, gas and crying due to lactose in their current formula. The brand claims that this formula is made with 25% less lactose than standard milk based formula out there for your baby’s sensitive tummy. For those parents with concern against GMO ingredients, Parent’s Choice Gentle is also made with non-GMO material for safer option.

Parent’s Choice Gentle Ingredients
Since it is made especially for feeding issue against lactose, the regular milk ingredient in Parent’s Choice Gentle is being replaced with nonfat milk and partially hydrolyzed whey. The nonfat milk will still contain lactose but in smaller amount and partially hydrolyzed whey to provide gentler protein source for your baby’s sensitive tummy. For the carbohydrate source, the formula used corn syrup while the fat source is provided by a mix of vegetable oils.

About Similac Total Comfort
Similac Total Comfort is an infant formula from Similac manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula has been renewed to more advanced version, which is called Similac Pro Total Comfort. The formulation is still the same with the older version but with better and richer ingredients. This formula is especially created for delicate tummies that can’t tolerate other milk based formulas and need special formula that was made with gentler ingredients.

Your baby delicate tummies that still in its developing stage may not able to digest lactose in the cow’s milk properly and it can caused them to be fussier, cry and generate excessive gas in their stomach. Even though it usually not a serious issue, you still have to pick one gentler formula like Similac Total Comfort to overcome the issue. For similar formula, check our article on Enfamil Gentlease vs Similac Total Comfort here.

Similac Total Comfort Ingredients
Since it is made to deal with lactose sensitivity and to be gentler on infant’s tummies. Similac Total Comfort regular milk ingredient is being replaced with Whey protein hydrolysate, which is the whey protein after going through hydrolysis process to break down the protein into smaller pieces, so it can be digest easier by your baby. As for the carbohydrate source, this formula choose maltodextrin while the fat source comes from a mix of vegetable oils.

Now, let’s compare Parent’s Choice Gentle with Similac Total Comfort. Both formulas are made to deal with the same issue but made with slightly different ingredients. Parent’s Choice Gentle used nonfat milk and partially hydrolyzed whey as the protein source while Similac Total Comfort only used whey protein hydrolysate. Parent’s Choice Gentle also used corn syrup for the carbohydrate source and contains 25% less lactose while Similac Total Comfort used maltodextrin and sugar with 98% less lactose.

Parent’s Choice Gentle vs Similac Total Comfort

Parent’s Choice GentleSimilac Total Comfort
- Used nonfat milk and partially hydrolyzed whey- Used whey protein hydrolysate
- Used corn syrup- Used maltodextrin and sugar
- Contains more lactose than Similac Total Comfort- Contains less lactose than Parent’s Choice Gentle
- More affordable than Similac Total Comfort- More expensive than Parent’s Choice Gentle

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If your baby is okay with both formulas, you can choose which is more convenient for you. But if they are sensitive toward lactose, we highly recommend Similac Total Comfort for it contains far less lactose than Parent’s Choice Gentle.