Pediasure Peptide vs Pediasure

Milk is a very popular drink in almost every part of the world and many people from infants to elderly people are consuming it nonetheless. However, children are the most advised to drink milk since it will help their growth. In today Pediasure Peptide vs Pediasure article, we are going to give you information about these popular brand of milk for children. If you are interested in giving your children one of these milk, go check our article below to know how they differ from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Milk is Important for Children
– What are Pediasure Peptide and Pediasure
– What Pediasure Peptide and Pediasure are made of
– Pediasure Peptide vs Pediasure

Milk Importance
The reason why milk is very popular is the health benefit in this liquid. What you often heard about milk is it does good, natural and drinking it will help strengthen your bones and we are sure most of us are urged to drink milk when we were still children by our parents. However, when we are talking about the actual fact, milk is not actually necessary since you can get all the benefit from milk in another food. For example, for the calcium, you can get it from nuts, beans and greens. Read also: Similac Pure Bliss vs Similac Advance here.

However, it doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t drink milk. Milk is good source of protein and vitamins A, B2 and B12 as well as zinc while also contain iodine, niacin, and B6. Since it is rich in calcium, it can benefits children so they can grow strong bones and it is especially recommended for children from four to six years. Milk also help your children stay hydrate since most of them are very active and run around all day, so they will also perspire a lot.

The real challenge about milk is not because whether it is beneficial or not. If the question is whether they will give a positive effect, the answer yes because all those nutrition. The problem here is whether we as parent can make our children to eat those nutrient rich food because we know, children often reject foods they don’t like and very picky because they still need time to get used to other food while growing older. In this case, milk is very important.

Milk is many parents last source to make their children get enough nutrients for their daily activity and growing healthily because most children like the taste of milk. Even if they don’t prefer plain milk, many manufacturers nowadays also offer milk in various flavor to attract your children to drink it. The brand you can always count in for helping your children getting the complete nutrition even when they are not eating enough foods is Pediasure. Just like our article, we are going to compare the regular line with the Peptide based milk.

About Pediasure Peptide
Pediasure Peptide is many parents choice when it comes to peptide based nutritional drink for their children if they are suffering from malabsorption, maldigestion, and another GI conditions. This peptide based formula is used only for children above one year old and use only under medical supervision.

While it is rare, sometimes children can suffer from malnutrition even though they already eat a balanced diet and the reason for this problem is malabsorption, which is a condition when the body is unable to absorb nutrients from the digestive system to their bloodstream. This condition have many causes but it usually related to intestinal damage by bacteria infections, virus or parasites on the surface so the digested substances cannot pass through and those important nutrients will be eliminated through stool.

Pediasure Peptide Ingredients
Malabsorption also should follow a special diet and you will need a professional advice if your children really suffer from malabsorption. Pediasure Peptide itself contains complete and balanced nutrition. They use whey dominant hydrolyzed protein with 60% MCT and structured lipids as well as a prebiotic fiber called Nutraflora. To help supporting your children condition, it meets or exceeds 100% of the DRIs for protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. It also gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance.

About Pediasure
Beside Peptide, Pediasure has a regular line of product for children which is the Grow and Gain nutrition shake. This milk is claimed to be clinically proven to contain nutrition and able to help your children grow, so it can be a good nutritious supplement for children falling behind in growth. They offer both ready to drink milk in a bottle and shake mix powder that you can use to mix your children favorite juice together, so they can receive complete nutrition even when they don’t consume enough other foods.

To make your children receive the nutritious shake, this drink comes in various delicious taste including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, berry, and s’mores. For parents who are concern about the effect of growth hormone in cows in their children milk, you don’t have to worry again if you pick this one because it is made with ingredients coming from non-rbST treated cows. Since it still contains many parts of cow’s milk, those with galactosemia are not advise to drink the shake.

Pediasure Ingredients
In the ingredients itself, just like most milk for children, Pediasure also use the common ingredients. Its main ingredient is water with maltodextrin as the main carbohydrate source, a blend of vegetable oils like corn and canola for the fat source and milk protein isolate, soy protein isolate as well as nonfat milk as the protein source. It is gluten free and suitable for lactose intolerance. The shake has 25 vitamins and minerals, DHA omega 3 to help nourish your children brain, and 7 grams of high quality protein.

Now, let’s compare Pediasure Peptide with Pediasure. As you already know, even though their main goal is to help your children get complete nutrition, Peptide is made with hydrolyzed protein and it is peptide based, which is smaller than protein. Pediasure Peptide is only used when your children are having malabsorption or other GI conditions and it should only use under medical supervision unlike the Pediasure Grow and Gain that you can give to your children as a supplementary source of nutrients.

Pediasure Peptide vs Pediasure

Pediasure PeptidePediasure
- For malabsorption, maldigestion and other GI conditions- Made as supplementary
- Used under medical supervision- Doesn’t need medical supervision
- Peptide-based- Milk and soy based

All in all, the decision is all yours. However, it is clear that Pediasure Peptide is for more serious condition of malnutrition caused by malabsorption or other GI conditions while the other is a regular nutritional shake. In our opinion, it is best to pick based on your children condition and if you are not sure yet, it is always recommended to ask pediatrician first.