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Pregestimil Vs Alimentum

Sometimes infants are going some problems as their body rapidly growing. Some of those are fat malabsorption, protein sensitivity or lactose sensitivity. To overcome these issues, mother can feed their infants with specifically designed formula for each one of them. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Pregestimil and Alimentum, which is designed for infants who suffer from such conditions.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Pregestimil and Alimentum
– What Pregestimil and Alimentum can offer to you
– Pregestimil vs Alimentum

About Pregestimil
Pregestimil is an infant formula by the brand Enfamil and manufactured by Mead Johnson. Pregestimil is designed for infants with trouble of absorbing fat and who is also sensitive to intact proteins. Trouble of absorbing fat or fat malabsorption sometimes happened because of some diseases of the intestine, liver and pancreas. But the most common fat malabsorption in infants is triggered by their rapid rate of growth. To help mothers overcoming this issue with their babies, Enfamil released Prestigimil, which claims to contain 55% the fat from MCT oil that can be absorbed by babies easily. Pregestimil is available in both powder milk and ready to feed liquid.

Pregestimil Ingredients and Benefit
Since Pregestimil is made for special dietary needs in infants, the regular cow’s milk ingredient is replaced by Casein hydrolysate, which derived from cow’s milk protein. This protein is hydrolyzed to break it down into its constituent amino acids. Casein hydrolysate contains all amino acids but have no tryptophan, since it is lost during hydrolysis. This ingredient is also suitable for infants with lactose intolerant. The MCT oil in its ingredients list is making this infant formula easier to digest and provide a good amount energy for their growth. MCT oil is also beneficial for digestive health and improving immune system.

About Alimentum
Alimentum is an infant formula rom the brand Similac, which manufactured and marketed by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is designed for infants who suffer from allergies and colic due to cow’s milk protein sensitivity. The product claims it can reduce the excessive crying in infants quickly under 24 hours after being fed with Similac Alimentum. Alimentum used an easy to digest ingredients in its formula to help babies with milk protein sensitivity and add DHA and ARA to support baby’s growth and health. Alimentum is also lactose free, so it is also suitable for infants who suffer from lactose sensitivity. Alimentum is available in powder milk and ready to feed liquid. If you need more information on other gentle infant formula, read our article on Enfamil Prosobee Vs Gentlease here.

Alimentum Ingredients and Benefit
Since Alimentum is a hypoallergenic formula, the regular cow milk ingredient in replaced by Casein Hydrolysate, similar to Pregestimil we have reviewed above. Casein hydrolysate is known to be gentler in baby’s tummies and easier to digest than regular milk. Aside from that, Alimentum is also enriched with ARA and DHA similar to breast milk, which is important in infant’s cognitive development and eyes health. Alimentum use High Oleic Safflower Oil as it fat source, which is rich in fatty acid and is healthier.

Now, let’s compare between Enfamil Pregestimil and Similac Alimentum. Both of them are designed with different purpose but with rather similar ingredients. Pregestimil is design for special need infants who have fat malabsorption, while Alimentum is designed for infants who suffer from milk protein and lactose sensitivity. They also use different kind of oil as their fat source. Pregestimil uses MCT oil, while Alimentum uses Oleic Safflower oil. Both of them are healthier option, but Pregestimil used slightly more oil in their ingredients list, because it is designed for fat malabsorption. The similarity is both of them is the usage of Casein hydrolysate as regular milk replacement. However Alimentum shows that they have more Casein hydrolysate than Pregestimil.

Pregestimil Vs Alimentum

- Designed for infants with fat malabsorption- Designed for infants with protein and lactose sensitivity
- Uses MCT oil as their fat source- Uses Oleic Safflower oil as their fat source
- Contains lesser Casein Hydrolysate as milk replacement- Contains more Casein hydrolysate than Pregestimil

In our opinion, before you are deciding on which infant formula to feed you babies, it is wise to think about their need. If your baby have fat malabsorption, in our opinion it is better to pick Pregestimil but if they only have protein or lactose sensitivity, it is better to choose Alimentum.