Pregestimil Vs Neocate

There are so many infant formulas out there. Some of them are regular formula, which is suitable for infant without any feeding issue and some others are especially formulated to address feeding issues. In this article we are going to talk about two special infant formula for baby with medium to severe feeding issues. They are Pregestimil and Neocate.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Pregestimil and Neocate
– What Pregestimil and Neocate are made of
– Pregestimil vs Neocate

About Pregestimil
Pregestimil is an infant formula that was manufactured by Mead Johnson similar like Enfamil. The infant formula is especially designed for infants who suffered from fat malabsorption and when in some cases they will also develop sensitivity towards intact protein like those in regular infant formula. This is why infant who suffer from fat malabsorption can’t be fed with regular infant formula and they need an exclusive formula like Pregestimil. Even though Pregestimil is manufactured by the same company, it is not included under Enfamil brand.

Pregestimil Ingredients
Pregestimil infant formula are available in both powder milk form and ready to feed liquid to ease parents when feeding on the way. Since Pregestimil is intended for infant with fat malabsorption, the regular milk ingredients is replaced by not more than 16% casein hydrolysate from cow’s milk. Casein is the protein that exist in cow’s milk and hydrolysate means the protein have been broken down into smaller pieces to ease your baby digesting it.

Pregestimil is replacing the fat from milk with MCT oil which is made from coconut and palm kernel oils. This oil is usually used to treat food absorption disorders, such as fat indigestion. To help your baby keep the liquid down and reduce spitting up, they also put modified corn starch into the formula while corn syrup is used to replace lactose.

About Neocate
Neocate is a brand of infant formula manufactured by Nutricia. This infant formula brand is especially designed for infant with cow’s milk sensitivity and can’t consume cow’s milk base formula at all cost. The brand currently have four products but only two of them is intended for infants, which are Neocate LCP and Neocate Spoon. The one that act as infant formula is the Neocate LCP and we are going to focus into that alone.

Neocate LCP is especially designed for infants who suffer from cow’s milk allergy, multiple food protein intolerance, and other food allergy related conditions. Even though it was not made to replace breast milk, Neocate is nutritionally complete and just in case you can breastfeed your baby, you can feed them with the formula alone.

Neocate Ingredients
Since it is made for infants with CMA, the formula is not using cow’s milk at all. To replace the protein from milk, this formula is using individual amino-acids, which is the simplest form of protein. These amino acids may come from various vegetables or meats depend on their types. To replace lactose as carbohydrate source, Neocate uses dried glucose syrup and a mix of vegetable oils to replace fat.

Now, let’s compare Pregestimil with Neocate. The main difference between both is the purpose of each formula. Pregestimil is intended for infants with fat malabsorption while Neocate is elemental formula made from amino acids intended for infants who suffer from severe cow’s milk allergies. Both of them doesn’t contain lactose, so they are safe for baby with lactose sensitivity/intolerance.

Pregestimil Vs Neocate

- Designed for fat malabsorption- Designed for MCA
- Made with casein hydrolysate from milk- Made with individual amino acids
- Available in dry and liquid form- Available only in powder form

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is best to know your baby condition first before deciding on their formula. If you are not sure yet, you can ask your baby pediatrician or fellow mothers with the same issues. Pregestimil is given when your baby suffer from fat malabsorption, while Neocate is for those infants who can’t consume cow’s milk at all cost.