Silk’n Infinity Vs MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

IPL devices are one of the most popular and effective ways to remove unwanted hair from your body and face. They use intense pulsed light to target hair follicles and prevent regrowth, while also improving your skin quality. However, not all IPL devices are the exact same. There are many factors to consider before buying one, such as design, performance, and even price. That’s why, we will compare two of the best-selling IPL devices on the market: the Silk’n Infinity and the Philips Lumea in this article. These devices have many similarities, but also some key differences that you should know before deciding to get one for yourself. If you are curious, read on to find out everything you need to know about the Silk’n Infinity vs MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal so you will have more insights into which device is more suitable to help you achieve smooth and hair-free skin.

We will talk about the following:

  • What are Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal?
  • How are the Designs of Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal?
  • How are the Performances of Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal?
  • What are the Price Differences between Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal?
  • Which one to Buy?
Silk'n InfinityMLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal
Product Dimensions 5.08 x 3.05 x 2.03 inches9.88 x 7.56 x 3.94 inches
Shipping Weight4.79 Ounces48.9 Ounces

About Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

Silk’n is a brand that offers a range of hair removal devices that are designed to provide safe and effective hair removal treatments in the comfort of your own home. The brand has been around for a while and has built a reputation for producing high-quality hair removal devices that are easy to use and deliver great results.

One of the most popular hair removal devices from the brand is the Infinity model. The Silk’n Infinity is a hair removal device with Enhanced Home Pulsed Light (eHPL) light pulsing and galvanic energy technology that disables hair growth at the root. This is safe and effective for women and men, designed for use on the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows. The Infinity also has a built-in skin color sensor that ensures the device only emits light when it is safe to do so.

When comparing the two, both Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal devices use IPL technology for hair removal. Both also emphasize safety and effectiveness, and they cater to a wide range of skin tones. However, these devices approach it in slightly different ways. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Designs of Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

Silk’n Infinity

  • Overall Design
    A unique oval design that is comfortable to use and has a strong grip. It is a handheld device that fits in the palm easily. It is also slip-resistant and handy to use.
  • Intensity
    5 energy intensity levels, represented by five energy level indicator lights.
  • Available Colors
    Only white.
  • Product Dimension
    5.08 x 3.05 x 2.03 inches; 4.79 Pounds
  • Skin Type Direction
    Suitable for all skin tones, including the darkest skin tones. However, the treatment is most effective on light skin.
  • Hair Type Direction
    Only work with dark blonde, light brown, dark brown, and black hair color.
  • Treatment Time
    Full-body treatment takes less than 20 minutes.
  • Features
    – 400,000 light pulses for lifetime treatment and a Bluetooth pulse counter.
    – Painless, irritation-free at-home hair removal – no more trips to the salon.
    – Leaves skin smooth and supple.
    – No refill cartridges necessary – good for a lifetime of treatments.
    – Pulsing and gliding methods allow you to target treatment areas.
    – Quartz bulbs allow for quick reloading and faster pulses.
    – Includes free app to schedule treatments.
  • Package Content
    – 1x Infinity device
    – 1x storage case
    – 1x cleaning cloth
    – 1x adapter
    – 1x user manual
    – 1x warranty booklet

MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

  • Overall Design
    The device is compact and ergonomically designed, the head is rectangular in shape and has a handle. It’s equipped with an On/Off button that sets the number of flashes, mode, and time; it also has an ice-sensitive light head and an efficient cooling window.
  • Intensity
    5 Power Levels and 2 Flash Modes. For power levels, start from Power Level 1 and work your way up as needed to 5. For flash modes, there is Manual Mode which is mainly used for small-area hair removal, while Auto Mode can be used for large hair removal areas.
  • Available Colors
    Only navy/dark blue.
  • Product Dimension
    9.88 x 7.56 x 3.94 inches; 3.06 Pounds
  • Skin Type Direction
    Not for black skin tones or skin with tattoos/dark spots
  • Hair Type Direction
    Not for use on red, grey, or white hair.
  • Treatment Time
    With the fastest flashes and the highest energy, the whole treatment with T14 only takes 10 minutes.
  • Features
    – Advanced cooling system provides a strong ice sensation.
    – Reach 3℃ within 5 seconds, fast cooling.
    – Fastest Flashes(0.5s/flash) with Highest Energy ( 17J).
    – First IPL with Advanced Cooling System 100% painless.
    – 100% Safe – SFDA ROHS; FDA; ISO; CE certificated.
    – Replaceable & Specified Lamp Heads are more hygienic + professional.
    – Build-in UV filter removes 99% of harmful lights.
    – 1.5 million flashes with 3 lamp heads.
  • Package Content
    – Package Box
    – User Manual
    – T14 + Adapter
    – Power Cord
    – Goggle
    – Cotton Swab

Performances of Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

For performance, the Silk’n Infinity IPL Hair Removal device is designed for long-term hair removal by using intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to destroy hair at the root. It claims to be able to complete a full-body treatment in less than 20 minutes. The device is also one of the few on the market that claims to be able to treat lighter hair (dark blonde) and darker skin tones compared to the majority of other IPL devices.

The IPL technology in Silk’n Infinity is combined with galvanic energy, which is designed to open pores and allow the light pulses to reach the hair follicles more effectively. This device also has an accompanying app and built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to customize your treatment setting and keep track of when you next need to use it.

Meanwhile, the MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal is known for its fast flashes and high energy output. The device has a flash window of 3.5cm² and provides the fastest flashes in the market with 0.5s per flash. It has the claimed highest energy output in the market – 17 J. The device also comes with replaceable and specified lamp heads for different areas like the body, bikini, and face, making it more hygienic and professional.

Other than that, the MLAY T14 is also the first IPL with an Advanced Cooling System, providing a strong ice sensation. For this, the device can reach 3°C within 5 seconds, offering fast cooling that relieves the heat sensation of epidermal skin and provides a more comfortable treatment process. The device is certified by SFDA, ROHS, FDA, ISO, and CE, totally ensuring its safety and effectiveness. However, unlike the Silk’n Infinity, the MLAY T14 does not have an accompanying app or built-in Bluetooth.

Price Differences between Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal

On Amazon, Silk’n Infinity is priced approximately at $429, while MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal is priced at $239.99 or can be rounded to $240. This makes Silk’n Infinity generally much more expensive than MLAY’s, most likely due to its advanced features such as the combination of eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology. However, despite the price differences, keep in mind that both devices have their own unique benefits to offer.

Silk’n InfinityMLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal
Features- Hair removal device for professional results in the comfort of your home. Enjoy smooth skin using eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology that disable hair growth at the root.
- Convenient, at-home treatment - Quick, painless and safe - No cartridges needed - 92% reduction in hair growth.
- Shave, clean & dry skin. Do not wax, pluck or tweeze. Use low energy level first.
- Hair removal is using IPL technology ,designed to help break the cycle of hair growth by targeting the hair root or follicle to help you achieve permanent hair removal.IPL hair removal has been proved to be gentle, high safety, no side effects, painless hair removal method.
- Our body hair removal built-in ice compress plate maintain the skin surface between 32 ~ 41℉, calm down your skin and reduce redness and swell. Easy to operate, turn on the ice cooling function, you can enjoy doing hair removal and cooling care at the same time.
- The permanent hair removal device for women/men offers 5 Power Levels - simply press the On/Off button to adjust to the Power Level that best suits your skin (start from Power Level 1 and work your way up as needed). Two flash modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts. The Manual Mode is mainly used for small area hair removal; Auto Mode can be used for large hair removal area.


In conclusion, choosing between Silk’n Infinity and MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal entirely depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize versatility, user-friendly features, and a comprehensive treatment experience, Silk’n Infinity might be the better choice although it comes at a higher price point.

However, if you seek efficient, high-energy performance with advanced cooling capabilities at a more affordable price, MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal could be the ideal option for you. Its compact design, rapid flashes, and strong cooling sensation enhance the comfort and effectiveness of hair removal sessions. Despite lacking Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying app, its safety certifications and replaceable lamp heads ensure a professional-grade experience.

Ultimately, your decision is all about your budget, desired features, and treatment priorities. Both devices offer effective hair removal solutions, so whether you opt for the luxurious experience of Silk’n Infinity or the efficient performance of MLAY T14 IPL Hair Removal, you’re on your way to achieving smoother, hair-free skin from the comfort of your home.

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