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Similac Alimentum Vs Gerber Soothe

Colic is commonly happen in infants between 0 to 5 months. This condition has no clear causes but might be caused by some food allergies, such as cow’s milk allergies. There are many hypoallergenic infant formulas out there to treat this condition. If your babies often cry after being fed, you may want to read our article below about Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe infant formula.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe
– What Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe can do
– Similac Alimentum vs Gerber Soothe

About Similac Alimentum
Similac Alimentum is infant formula made to reduce excessive crying due to cow’s milk protein sensitivity. The product claims that they can starts reducing the uncomfortable feeling caused by the protein sensitivity from within 24 hours. Similac is a brand of infant formula marketed by Abbott Laboratories but the products were developed by Alfred Bosworth of Tufts University. Similac product was first released in the late 1920 and then in 1951 the products was reformulated and concentrated. Similac is being sold all across the world in 96 countries.

As it has been mentioned above, Similac Alimentum is used to feed infants with cow’s milk protein sensitivity or colic. Colic is an attack or fussiness or crying in infants that was caused by abdominal pain. This condition is commonly occur in infants during their first five months. All infants are crying when they feel uncomfortable, such as hungry, cold, tired, heat or when the diaper needs to be changed. However, if they cry after being fed, well cared and often happen while the baby is healthy and well, they may have colic. Read about other infant formula on Nutramigen Vs Similac Sensitive.

Similac Alimentum Formula
Similac Alimentum has hypoallergenic formula, so it is suitable for babies with cow’s milk intolerance, since it was made with Casein hydrolysate, which is cow’s milk that was hydrolyzed to break it into its constituent amino acids. Similac Alimentum comes in the forms of powdered milk and ready to feed milk in a 1-qt bottle. This milk works well to treat infants with colic and cow’s milk sensitivity, but it comes in higher price than the common non-hypoallergenic infant formula.

About Gerber Soothe
Gerber Soothe is an infant formula to treat babies with excessive crying, fussiness, colic and gas pain. Gerber Soothe infant formula is formulated with comforting probiotics that was designed to ease colic, excessive gas and fussiness in babies while still providing complete nutrition needed. Aside from the infant formula Gerber Soothe also available in probiotic colic drops to treat colic in infants that was caused by not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system.

Gerber Soothe Formula
Gerber Soothe contains Comforting Probiotics called L. reuteri that have been clinically proven to lessen or reduce crying caused by colic and gas pain. It also used whey protein come from hydrolyzed milk, which means that the protein already broken down into smaller pieces for easier digestion. This type of protein also known to be less allergenic and reduce the chance of allergies or immune diseases based on family history.

However for infants who suffer from severe cow’s milk protein sensitivity or allergy, it is best and safer to opt for completely hydrolyzed proteins found in true hypoallergenic formula.

Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe are intended to reduce the fussiness and excessive crying in infants that was caused by uncomfortable feeling in the abdominal. There is no clear information what causes colic, but it may be related to some food allergies, such as cow’s milk protein allergy. Both of Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe are made from hydrolyzed milk, so the protein is already broken down to make it easier to digest.

Similac Alimentum Vs Gerber Soothe

Similac AlimentumGerber Soothe
- Is a hypoallergenic infant formula- Is not a hypoallergenic infant formula and not suitable for severe food allergies
- Used Casein Hydrolysate to replace regular milk- Used Enzymatically hydrolyzed milk
- Is pricier than Gerber Soothe and many other infant formulas- Is more affordable than Similac Alimentum

The difference between Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe is that the Alimentum is true hypoallergenic infant formula, which use completely hydrolyzed protein; so it will be safer for infants with severe condition of cow’s milk protein sensitivity. While Gerber Soothe only used enzymatically-hydrolyzed protein, so it is not a true hypoallergenic formula. In our opinion, if your baby suffers from severe protein allergies, it is safer to opt for Similac Alimentum.