Similac for Supplementation Vs Similac Advance

Similac is one among top popular brand for infant formulas available and they also offer formula for supplementation called Similac for Supplementation. This formula ingredients are very similar to Similac Advance and many mothers are confused what actually their difference is. If you are among them, you may want to read our article below to help you choose the best between both.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac for Supplementation and Similac Advance
– What Similac for Supplementation and Similac Advance are made of
– Similac for Supplementation and Similac Advance

About Similac for Supplementation
Similac for Supplementation is an infant formula from Similac that manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is designed to replace the breast milk in infant who formerly breastfeed but the parent want to slowly change it to infant formula. In some cases, mothers can’t provide milk or do breastfeeding anymore for some reasons. Some of it may because they are working, health issues or other reasons that makes them not able to do breastfeeding anymore.

Similac for Supplementation Ingredients
This infant formula is available in both dry powder and ready to feed liquid form. Similac for Supplementation is intended for healthy infant, which means, it is not suitable for infant with feeding issues from cow’s milk lactose or protein. This infant formula is made for the sole reason to help mother swift their infant from breast milk to formula. As the protein source, Similac for Supplementation uses nonfat milk and whey protein as well as lactose for the carbohydrate source.

To enrich the formula, Similac for Supplementation add their proprietary blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. DHA will support your baby brain development; Lutein is a beneficial nutrient found in breast milk to support eyes health; Vitamin E is beneficial to support developing cells; Nucleotides is building blocks to support developing immune system, Antioxidants is beneficial to help protect cells, and the last is prebiotics to promote digestive system health.

About Similac Advance
Similac Advance is an infant formula from the brand Similac manufactured by Abbott Laboratories similar to Similac for Supplementation we have talked above. This infant formula is designed for healthy infants who don’t have any feeding issue and it is not suitable for infant with lactose, protein or cow’s milk allergy in general. This infant formula also offer another variant, which is the non-GMO version for parents with concern about their baby’s health affected by genetically modified ingredients.

Similac Advance Ingredients
As it have been mentioned earlier that Similac Advance is milk based formula that is not suitable for any feeding issues. This formula is made with nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate as its protein source while lactose is used as the carbohydrate source. To enrich the formula, Similac put their OptiGro blend of nutrition into the ingredient list. Those blend contain DHA, Lutein, Vitamin E, and other nutrition to help your baby grow healthily.

DHA is an ingredient that will help the brain development in your baby; Lutein is an important nutrients in breast milk to help develop your baby’s eyes; and Vitamin E, which is important to support developing cells. It also contain Nucleotides, Antioxidants, and Prebiotics to develop immune system, protecting cells, and promote healthy digestion respectively.

Now, let’s compare Similac for Supplementation with Similac Advance. Looking at their ingredients list, we know that they have the exact same formulation. Similac for Supplementation is claimed to be enriched with prebiotics and Similac Advance also contain prebiotics. Many parents is confused with Similac branding for these formulas and the common thought about the difference may only the product’s name.

Similac for Supplementation Vs Similac Advance

Similac for SupplementationSimilac Advance
- Intended for supplementation- Intended for healthy infant
- Contain slightly (about 0.1) more carbohydrate than Similac Advance- Contain slightly (about 0.1) less carbohydrate than Similac Advance
- Offered at higher price than Similac Advance- Offered at more affordable price than Similac for Supplementation

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Since both of them is similar in ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about choosing which one to use for supplementation. Similac Advance is slightly more affordable than Similac for Supplementation, so if you want to save more, you may want to pick Similac Advance.