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Similac Neosure vs Enfamil Enfacare

Looking for a formula for healthy baby itself is not easy task moreover if they were born prematurely. Of course there is a confusion whether to give them regular formula or choosing those which specifically made for premature babies. In today Similac Neosure vs Enfamil Enfacare article, we will give you information about these two similar formula that was especially designed for premature babies, so you will know which to choose. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are SimilacNeosure and Enfamil Enfacare
– What Similac Neosure and Enfamil Enfacare are made of
– Similac Neosure vs Enfamil Enfacare

Before we are talking about these formulas, being premature doesn’t mean your baby is absolutely needs a formula since if you are able to produce enough breast milk or you can get a breast milk donor for your baby, it is the better option than feeding them formulas. However, if you are concern about premature baby formula, it means that those options earlier are not executable. It is important to follow the doctor recommendation here if you are going to use formula as well as how long you should keep feeding them the premature formula.

About Similac Neosure
Similac Neosure is the brand’s product that is designed for babies that was born under 9 months, which makes their body works hard to catch up with their friends who were born normally. When a baby was born prematurely, in the NICU doctors will start feeding them with formula at a calorie that match breast milk and when they are catching up, the calorie will usually be increased to help them grow quickly. This milk is also commonly contain more protein than regular formulas and can be mixed together.

Protein intakes of premature infants are often not enough because the growth of premature infants are also less than a fetus. Premature infants should digest and absorb enormous amounts of nutrients if compared to any other age group to achieve growth similar to other normal infants. To put it simply, formula that was designed for premature infants have to contain more calories and proteins.

Similac Neosure Ingredients
Since Similac Neosure is made to help your premature baby to grow healthily and catch up with their friends. The regular milk in the formula is still the same like in many regular formulas, which in this product is nonfat milk. The carbohydrate source is still lactose and added with corn syrup solids but for the protein source, besides the whey and casein in nonfat milk, whey protein concentrate is added to increase the protein content, which is also derived from cow’s milk.

As it has been mentioned earlier, premature infants will need more calories and protein. In Neosure nutrition information, there are 100 calories and 2.8 protein per 134 ml. Please follow your doctor recommendation about the amount of calories your baby is allowed to eat since they may need a different count. Your baby also may needs different feeding pattern but most babies feed every 2 ½ to 4 hours and you can see the sign if they are hungry like restless or crying if it has been 2-3 hours since they last ate.

About Enfamil Enfacare
Another formula that you can opt to feed your premature baby is Enfamil Enfacare. This formula is also designed by Enfamil to help your baby grow healthily and overall support their development from after they leave the hospital up to their first year. The formula is claimed to be enriched in nutrition and contains the ideal amount of calories for your baby to catch up a growth similar to that of full term health breastfed infants. This formula is available in both powder form as well as ready to use liquid for easier feeding.

Enfamil Enfacare Ingredients
Just like what you can expect from a specially designed formula for premature infants. There is nothing special in the ingredients and mostly they are the same like regular formulas out there. Enfacare still uses nonfat milk as the main ingredients. There is calories and protein in nonfat milk but the amount is not as much as regular milk. The protein comes from whey and casein but increased with additional whey protein derived also from milk. Read also: Gerber Gentle vs Similac Sensitive here.

To make your baby full longer, corn syrup solid and lactose are also added. Still similar like regular formulas, there are a mix of vegetable oils as the fat source. We know that DHA and ARA are important to help your baby development, Enfacare use Mortierella Alpina oil and Crypthecodiniumcohnii oil that are source for DHA and ARA respectively. In each 4.4 floz (133 ml) of the formula, there are 100 calories and 2.8 grams protein.

Now, let’s compare Similac Neosure with Enfamil Enfacare. As you can see from the ingredients, both of them use the similar ingredients since it is the common ingredients used for regular formula for infants with no feeding issue. The main ingredients is the same nonfat milk that still contains lactose and added with whey protein concentrate from cow’s milk to increase the protein. Another similarities is the protein content because both of them contain 2.8 grams protein per 4.5 floz (133 ml).

The difference is in the carbohydrate content because Neosure has 10.1 grams of carbs while Enfacare is slightly higher at 10.4 grams per 4.5 fl oz. But, the polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid content is lower in Enfacare with 860 grams compared to in Neosure with 1000 grams. They also have some other differences like the amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc but they shouldn’t be that far apart until it can affect your baby. In variants, both of them also available in both powder and ready to feed liquid.

To summarize the comparison, they are basically identical and the differences will most likely won’t affect your babies, so choosing between them shouldn’t be a problem. In our opinion, you may already have your own choice or which you think is the better between them and it is okay as long as your baby are accepting the formula. What you have to take note is both of them are not suitable with infants with feeding problems especially those with lactose or intact protein sensitivity.

Similac Neosure vs Enfamil Enfacare

Similac NeosureEnfamil Enfacare
- Contains less protein- Higher protein
- Contains more Linoleic Acid- Less Linoleic Acid
- Slightly more affordable- Slightly more expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours. Looking from the price point, they are also not that far apart with Similac Neosure being slightly more affordable even though it may depend from store to store, so if you want to save every little penny, we will recommend you to go for Similac Neosure.