Similac Pro Sensitive Vs Similac Sensitive

Galactosemia is not uncommon in infants and it was commonly inherit from their parents. This condition makes them unable to digest lactose and shouldn’t be given food with lactose in it, so parents should change their baby formula with those without lactose like Similac Pro Sensitive or Similac Sensitive. If your baby have galactosemia, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Pro Sensitive with Similac Sensitive
– What Similac Pro Sensitive with Similac Sensitive are made of
– Similac Pro Sensitive vs Similac Sensitive

About Similac Pro Sensitive
Similac Pro Sensitive is an infant formula manufactured by Mead Johnson. This infant formula is rather similar than the Sensitive that we already know but it was made with different ingredients from regular Sensitive formula. Similac Pro Sensitive is claimed to have no artificial growth hormones in its ingredients or we usually called it non-GMO formula. The formula is designed to reduce the uncomfortable feeling in infant’s tummies or galactosemia.

Similac Pro Sensitive Ingredients
Since it was made for lactose sensitivity, the regular milk ingredients is being replaced with milk protein isolate. Milk protein isolate is the protein from cow’s milk that have been isolated from other compounds, such as the lactose, which makes the ingredients safer for infant with galactosemia. Since the lactose is gone, the carbohydrate source is replace with corn syrup while the fat is replace with a mix of vegetable oils.
What special from Similac Pro Sensitive is it was made from non-GMO ingredients and it contains 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO), which is an immune nourishing prebiotic circulates throughout the body to help strengthen your baby immune system similar like when they are feed with breast milk.

About Similac Sensitive
Similac Sensitive is an infant formula that was designed for infants with sensitive tummies, especially against lactose from cow’s milk or called galactosemia. This infant formula is made to reduce excessive and fussiness in infants because they are not compatible with their formula. infant with galactosemia can’t be fed with regular formula and need a sensitive formula like Similac Sensitive. Even though the formula is intended for infant, you shouldn’t stop breastfeeding if able but just in case you are not able to do so, Similac Sensitive is nutritionally complete. Check here for other Similac infant formula.

Similac Sensitive Ingredients
Since it was made for infant with galactosemia, the regular cow’s milk is replaced with milk protein isolate. Milk protein isolate is filtered mil to concentrate the protein and removing the lactose from the milk. This is why protein isolate is friendly with infant who suffer from galactosemia. Since the lactose is removed, corn syrup is used as the formula carbohydrate source while the fat source is replace with a mix of vegetable oils.

To enrich the formula, Similac Sensitive add their unique blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. DHA for brain development, Lutein for eyes health, Vitamin E for developing cells, Nucleotides for developing immune system, Antioxidants for cells protection, and Prebiotics to promote digestive health and support immune system.

Now, let’s compare Similac Pro Sensitive with Similac Sensitive. Both formulas are intended for infant with galactosemia or lactose sensitivity and both also made with the same protein source, which is milk protein isolate. Their difference is that Similac Pro Sensitive is enriched with HMO and it doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients, while Sensitive is not. Aside from that both formula is the same.

Similac Pro Sensitive Vs Similac Sensitive

Similac Pro SensitiveSimilac Sensitive
- Made with non-GMO ingredients- May contain genetically modified ingredients
- Contain HMO- Doesn’t contain HMO
- More expensive than Similac Sensitive- Is more affordable than Similac Pro Sensitive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If your baby is sensitive against lactose, you can choose between both. But if you want your baby to have better immune system just like when they are breast fed, you should choose Similac Pro Sensitive.