Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Advance

Not all babies can fed with the same formula since some of them may have conditions. When baby have a condition they can’t be fed with regular formula and need special formula, such as Similac Sensitive. However, if your baby don’t have any issue, you can feed them with nutritional formula like Similac Advance. If you want to know further about them, read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance
– What inside Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance
– Similac Sensitive vs Similac Advance

About Similac Sensitive
Similac Sensitive is an Infant Formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is designed to ease fussiness in babies caused by excessive gas in their digestive system. Gas in infant stomach is commonly caused by their formula that may not suitable for them. Fussiness is a common thing and it is not a sign of serious condition. However, if your infant fussiness last longer than it used to, you may want to see a pediatrician. Similac Sensitive is a good option if your baby sensitive towards lactose that exist in regular milk. This infant formula is available in dry powder form and ready to feed liquid to ease mothers when feeding on the go. If you need other similar infant formulas, read our article on Similac Total Comfort Vs Alimentum here.

Similac Sensitive Ingredients
Since Similac Sensitive is designed for infants with lactose sensitivity, the regular milk in its ingredient is replaced by protein isolate that derived from milk. Protein isolate means the protein from milk that have been separated from its lactose and contain more protein than protein concentrate. This is why Similac Sensitive is safe for infants with lactose sensitivity, since it does not contain lactose. Aside from made without lactose, this infant formula is also enriched with SimilacOptiGRO, which is a blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. this nutrients are beneficial to baby’s overall growth.

About Similac Advance
Similac Advance is a regular infant formula, means it is used for infants that have no problem at feeding at all. This infant formula is designed to help babies grow healthily by providing enough nutrition and energy. Similar to other regular infant formula, Similac Advance is made to substitute breast milk in case when mother can’t produce enough breast milk or can’t produce milk at all. If mother can nurse properly, there is no need to give your baby infant formula, since all the nutrition they need is exist in your milk. It is also encouraged to do breast feeding or do exclusive breastfeeding for your baby’s first six months. Similac Advance is available in regular powder form and ready to feed liquid to ease mother when feeding on the go.

Similac Advance Ingredients
Similac Advance is designed to give the best nutrition for your baby’s growth, so it comes with Similac unique blend called OptiGRO. This blend contains DHA, Lutein, Vitamin E, and other nutrition. DHA is beneficial for brain development, Lutein is beneficial to support eyes health, Vitamin E is beneficial to support developing cells, Nucleotides is beneficial to support you baby’s immune system, Antioxidants to protect cells, and prebiotics to promote healthy digestive system.

Now, let’s compare Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance. You might already know their difference after reading our article above. Similac Sensitive is designed for babies with lactose sensitivity, while Similac Advance is intended for babies without any feeding issues. Similac Sensitive doesn’t contain lactose at all and use protein isolate as its protein source, while Similac Advance contain lactose and use whey protein concentrate as their protein source. Similac Sensitive uses corn syrup as its carbohydrate source, while Similac Advance uses lactose as its carbohydrate source.

Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Advance

Similac SensitiveSimilac Advance
- Designed for lactose sensitivity- Designed to help infants grow healthily
- Doesn’t contain lactose- Contain lactose
- Used protein isolate as protein source- Use nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate as protein source
- Use corn syrup as carbohydrate source- Use lactose as carbohydrate source

All in all, when choosing the formula for your babies, it is best to match it with their need. If they don’t have any feeding issues and are fine with protein and lactose, Similac Advance is a good option. But, if you baby is having sensitivity towards lactose, then it is highly recommended to opt for Similac Sensitive.