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Similac Spit Up Vs Enfamil AR

Spitting up is common in infants and almost half infants experience this in their first few months. To overcome this issue, mothers can fed their baby with infant formula that was thicken with rice starch, like Similac Spit Up and Enfamil A.R. If you want to know more about them, you may want to read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Spit Up and Enfamil A.R.
– What is Similac Spit Up and Enfamil A.R. are made of
– Similac Spit Up vs Enfamil A.R.

About Similac Spit Up
Similac Spit Up is an infant formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, which was designed especially to reduce frequent spit up. This infant formula have the regular version and the Non-GMO version but may only available in some countries. Spitting up in infants is common and if your baby spit up their milk it mostly caused they still trying to get used to the feeding process. The peak of spitting up or also called reflux is around 4 months. When baby drink milk, they also swallow the air and when the air coming up, the liquid will comes up too through their mouth or nose. Similac Spit Up is available in both dry powder and ready to feed liquid.

Similac Spit Up Ingredients
Since Similac Spit Up is designed to reduce spitting up in infants, the formula has been modified to serve its purpose by adding modified rice starch. Rice starch in infant formula is used to make the formula richer or thicker to help your baby keep their milk down. Rice starch are believed to be better option than infant formula that was added with rice cereal to thicken it. Similac Spit Up uses corn syrup as its carbohydrate source and uses milk protein isolate as its protein source. If you need other infant formula recommendation, you may want to read our article on Enfamil Infant vs Enfamil Gentlease here.

About Enfamil A.R.
Enfamil A.R. is an infant formula that was manufactured by Mead Johnson, designed to reduce spit up in infants. The product is claimed to be clinically proven to reduce spit up by over 50% while still providing the complete nutrition for your baby to grow healthily. Spitting up in infants may be caused by their developing digestive system and this issue can be fixed by a change of formula like Enfamil A.R. this infant formula is nutritionally balanced and have Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend for digestive system. It also contain recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support your baby’s brain and eye development.

Enfamil A.R. Ingredients
Since Enfamil A.R. is designed to reduce spitting up in infants, the formula is thickens with rice starch. Rice starch is commonly used to thicken infant formula to help them keeping the liquid down. As the protein source, Enfamil A.R. uses nonfat milk and as the fat source, it uses a mix of vegetable oils. Typically, infant formula that was enriched with rice starch usually can be digest with ease, especially if they are having a hard time keeping the liquid down. To optimize the result, you may want to burp your baby and feeding them in upward position.

Now, let’s compare Similac Spit Up and Enfamil A.R. Both of them are designed to serve the same purpose, which is to help babies keeping their formula and reduce spitting them up. They also used rice starch to thicken their formulas. Their difference is that Similac Spit Up uses corn syrup as their carbohydrate source while Enfamil A.R. uses lactose. As the protein source, Similac Spit Up uses nonfat milk, while Enfamil A.R. uses milk protein isolate.

Similac Spit Up Vs Enfamil AR

Similac Spit UpEnfamil A.R.
- Use corn syrup as carbohydrate source- Use lactose as carbohydrate source
- Use protein isolate as protein source- Use nonfat milk as protein source
- Contain less lactose compared to Enfamil A.R- Contain more lactose compared to Similac Spit Up

All in all, the choice is all up to you. Both of them work the same, but mothers may prefer less some of their ingredients, such as the percentage of the main ingredients. We can see that top two Similac Spit Up ingredients are not milk, while Enfamil A.R. top two ingredients are nonfat milk and vegetable oil. In our opinion if you don’t prefer corn syrup in your infant formula, you may want to choose for Enfamil A.R.