Similac Toddler Formula Vs Whole milk

When baby is reaching the toddler stage, they can start to eat other foods beside their formula and parent may reduce their formula intake along with introducing other foods. In this stage some parents may choose to shift from infant formula to toddler formula or give them regular or whole milk. If you are currently confuse which to choose between both, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Toddler formula and Whole milk
– Similac Toddler formula and Whole milk nutrition content
– Similac Toddler formula and Whole milk

About Similac Toddler
Similac Toddler formula is a toddler formula by the brand Similac that was manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. There are more than one formulas in the product line and all of them are formulated to meet each variant purposes. For parent with concern against GMO related ingredients, you will also find some formulas that contains no genetically modified plants or animal. Similac even offer kosher certified Toddler formula that available in your local kosher shops or online retailers.

The flag product from Similac Toddler is the Go and Grow formula. This Toddler formula is designed to ensure that your toddlers are getting enough nutrition aside from their table foods. We know that there are times when toddler don’t want to eat their food and this issue often concern parents whether their children meets their nutrition need or not, which is why Similac made Go and Grow formula to help toddler get enough nutrients for their healthy grow.

Similac Toddler Nutrition
The Similac Toddler formula Go and Grow is made from nonfat milk that contain lactose as the formula main ingredients as well as the protein and carbohydrate source. Since it is made with nonfat milk, the fat source is being replace with a mix of vegetable oils, which is known to be better fat source than milk fat. In each 35 g of powder it contains 150 calories, 8 grams fat, and 25% Vitamin D. (See our previous comparison between Similac for Supplementation Vs Similac Advance)

About Whole Milk
Whole milk is actually the regular milk we can easily find in most grocery stores. Taken from washingtonpost, whole milk is not the milk that made from all fat or contain most fat, but in fact it doesn’t contain much fat at all. As opposite to popular belief, whole milk is actually only contain about 3.5% fat, which is not much. This milk is named whole because it is still in the same condition as it comes from the cow and have nothing to do with its fat content.

It is name like that to set it apart from another milk with “2%”, “1%”, and “nonfat” label, which already treated to lessen the fat content or removing them completely from the milk and making them less in calorie as well as less creamy. According to FDA, producers can call different milk by range of names and whole milk also can called with just milk.

Whole Milk Nutrition
Many parents are confused when their baby already older than 12 months, since they are not infant anymore. Many brands offer Toddler formulas but many parents also decided to pick whole milk like Tuscan Whole Milk instead, since it is more affordable. Whole milk also contain protein, lactose and minerals similar to toddler formulas. In each 100 grams whole milk contain 61 calories, 3.3 grams fat, and 11% Vitamin D.

Now, let’s compare Similac Toddler formula with Whole Milk. From the nutrition content, Similac Toddler and Whole milk have almost the exact nutrition content. The most prominent different is Similac used non-fat milk and replace the fat from milk with a mix of vegetable oils, which is better than milk fat.

Similac Toddler Formula Vs Whole milk

Similac Toddler FormulaWhole Milk
- Uses fat from mix of vegetable oils- Contain 3.25% fat from the milk itself
- More concentrated than whole milk- Not as concentrated as Similac Toddler
- Have more nutrition than whole milk- Lesser nutrition content than Similac Toddler

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If your toddler have no problem with whole milk and is eating their foods normally, you may give them whole milk. At the other hand, if consuming whole milk cause problem or your toddler doesn’t properly eat their table foods, you may want to opt for Similac Toddler instead.