Similac Total Comfort vs Pro Total Comfort

Infant formula is a very popular nutrient-rich milk used to feed babies whose mothers are not able to provide breast milk or perform breast feeding due to various reasons. The availability is wide and it can get quite confusing sometimes. If your children is fussy when fed with regular formula, it may be good to change into special, gentler formulas like Similac Total Comfort vs Pro Total Comfort. If you wonder which will be the better option, go check their difference below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
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– Similac Total Comfort vs Pro Total Comfort

Choosing Infant Formula
Babies from zero to 6 months are recommended to drink only milk because their stomach is not suitable yet with other liquefied foods while some parents do fed their babies, pediatrician still support mothers to breastfeed them in this early period of their life. Breast milk is rich-nutrient food for babies and naturally produced by mothers when they have babies thus, baby can grow healthily and build their immune system to make sure their body can protect themselves from possible illness may happen.

This is also one of the best benefit of breast milk which still can’t be duplicated by technology and separate infant formula with breast milk. It is good if mothers can feed their babies but it is also unfortunate that not all mothers are capable to do so. Some of us are healthy and capable to feed our baby with breast milk until they are around 2 years old or until we desire but some of us are not due to various circumstances.

Busy mothers can pump their breast milk before they go to work or do another activities and let other family members or caretaker to fed the babies but there are also many of us who are not capable of producing breast milk or due to other reasons not allowed to fed our baby with breast milk such as when they are still taking medication or undergoing some health treatments while there are also some medical condition that won’t allow mothers to breastfeed.

In these cases, parents can use infant formula to feed their babies but since the amount of formulas out there is massive, we may find it hard to choose which one of them will be the best option for our babies. As parents we always want our children grow healthily and happy which is why manufacturers continue to upgrade their formulation to be better and suiting babies various condition since not all babies seem to be fine with regular formula.

However, all formulas are good as long as our babies are fine when fed with them but there are also cases where babies can get fussier and cry excessively after being fed including some vomiting which is very concerning because it may hurt them. In these cases, parents can try gentler formulas or those made with to deal with the issue our baby’s is experiencing. Feeding issue is commonly not a dangerous condition but they can disturb their sleeping time and stressing out the parents.

About Similac
Due the numerous options out there, it is understandable that sometimes we can get confused when choosing one of them. To narrow down those number quickly, we can start from the popular brands because they are already used and tested by many other users and popular brands also tend to develop their product more and have a trusted quality. One of the most popular brand in the market is Similac with its huge collection of infant and children formulas we can pick based on our need.

Among those collection, Similac have formula designed for babies without any problem or feeding issue which means they are fine with any regular formulas but they also have formulas intended for babies with feeding issues due to various reasons that mainly sourced on cow’s milk. Though formula are designed to be easier for baby’s immature bodies, there are times when some ingredients still being too much on them and causing some problem that made them uncomfortable which we can see by their behavior.

Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort Purpose
The main cause of feeding problem in healthy babies is cow’s milk protein and the lactose. Infant formula actually already designed to be gentler on baby’s tummy but not all of them can take nonfat milk which is the main ingredient of regular formula. In this case, we can feed them with infant formula made with an even gentler ingredient and if your baby is having the exact same problem, Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort can be a good option.

Both of them are actually the same formula but as Science find a way to make infant formula more similar to breast milk, Similac also began to introduce their formulas with this added ingredients called 2’FL HMO. To put it simply, this is the difference in both of these formulas while beside that their main benefit will be the same. Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort is designed to deal with babies who are not suitable or becomes uncomfortable when fed with regular formulas since they use different ingredients here.

Just like the name, these infant formulas is gentler on babies’ stomach due to made with gentler protein and remove the lactose that can be the culprit or triggering ingredients in regular formulas. The brand claims that these formulas can reduce the excessive, gas and crying or fussiness in baby who are usually fed with standard formula just in one day, thus baby can rest better and reduce the work on both parents and caretaker. Read also: Similac Total Comfort vs Gerber Soothe here.

Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort Ingredients
Since Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort are special formulas created to deal with feeding issue that cause some uncomfortable feeling in infants, the ingredients used is also a little bit different. For the carbohydrate source, instead of using lactose from cow’s milk, these formulas are using corn maltodextrin and sugar while the protein source is taken from whey protein hydrolysate. They use only whey to make sure the lactose is mainly removed and because whey is faster to digest than casein which also present in cow’s milk.

Hydrolysate means that their protein have been reduced in size with hydrolyzing process, thus they are smaller and supposed to be gentler on baby’s stomach to avoid triggering any uncomfortable feeling. As for the fat source, both of them are using a mix of vegetable oils from high oleic safflower oil, soy oil, and coconut oil. Both of them are also enriched with prebiotic but the Pro version used Fructooligosaccharides while the regular version used Galactooligosaccharides.

Additionally, Similac Pro Total Comfort is also enriched with another special prebiotics called the 2’FL HMO. This prebiotic is available abundantly in breast milk which is about 100 times more than what we can find in cow’s milk. According to Abbott’s study, this prebiotic is beneficial to increase baby’s immune system and narrow the gap between infant formula and breast milk so children can get the similar immune system like those whose mothers can perform breast feeding.

Just like any other prebiotics, HMOs will support digestive health where 70% of our immune system exist but some studies show that this prebiotic also circulate in bloodstream throughout the body. However, increased in immune system doesn’t mean that our baby will be free from normal illness that commonly comes in their childhood later since the data only shows strengthen immune system to be more like breastfed babies.

Importance of Similac Total Comfort and Pro Total Comfort
Using special infant formula seems to be beneficial and many parents do give their babies this type of formulas when their babies are getting fussier or become uncomfortable. However, we never really know what exactly happens since we still don’t have a complete information about babies’ behavior which can be very hard to understand. According to a study , many parents seems to mistakenly interpret their babies’ behavior and unnecessarily change their formula with a special ones to deal with the problem.

The study conclude that for healthy infant who don’t have health issue, there is no need to give them formulas made with gentler ingredients since there is no difference in infant tolerance of intact versus those partially hydrolyzed cow’s milk protein formulas. To put it simply, gentler formulas are not necessary as first choice for healthy infants and most of the time the choice is just based on parents misjudge on their children’s condition. This is also why it is still better to ask pediatrician help before making any decision.

Now, let’s compare Similac Total Comfort with Pro Total Comfort. As you may already know, the main difference between both of them is on the additional ingredients called the 2’FL HMO which is a type of prebiotic to boost immune system. Another difference is on the whey protein because Pro version doesn’t use milk from rbST treated cows while their standard prebiotic is also different with GOS vs FOS.

Similac Total Comfort vs Pro Total Comfort

Similac Total ComfortSimilac Pro Total Comfort
- Have 2’FL HMO- Doesn’t contain 2’FL HMO
- Use non-rbST milk- May use milk from rbST treated cows
- Use Fructooligosaccharides- Use Galactooligosaccharides

All in all, both of them can be a good option if your baby is showing an uncomfortable feeling when fed with regular infant formulas. However, before making any decision it is better to ask for professional help to make sure we are making the correct choice and if they do need a gentler formula, we will recommend you to pick Similac Pro Total Comfort because it can increase our baby’s immune system.