Similac Total Comfort Vs Similac Sensitive

Feeding issues in infant is not a unusual problem, in fact it is pretty common. Some of them may fine with regular formula but some may need extra or gentler formula like Similac Total Comfort or Similac Sensitive. If your baby have a feeding issue, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive
– What Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive are made of
– Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive

About Similac Total Comfort
Similac Total Comfort is an infant formula from Abbott Laboratories. This infant milk is designed to ease baby with persistent feeding issues. The issues that aimed in this infant formula is the protein and lactose sensitivity, which is common among infants in their first year. Similac Total Comfort is made with gentler formula for those with sensitive tummies and complete nutrients to support your baby’s wellbeing and healthy development. This infant formula is also made with non-GMO ingredients, since we know that GMO is bad for human health moreover in infant. GMO is stated to relate into various allergies and nutritional problem by FDA and there is a chance the feeding issue in your infant may related to GMO in their formula.

Similac Total Comfort Ingredients
Aa it have been mentioned earlier Similac Total Comfort is made with gentler formula, so the regular milk ingredient is replaced with Whey Protein hydrolysate. Whey protein is derived from non-GMO cow’s milk and hydrolyzed means that the whey already passed the hydrolysis process to break the protein into smaller pieces to make it metabolized easier. As the carbohydrate source, they use maltodextrin from non-GMO plant and as the fat source, they use a mix of vegetable oils.

About Similac Sensitive
Similac Sensitive is an infant formula from Abbott Laboratories that was designed to help babies with sensitive stomach in reducing the excessive gas in their digestive system. When infant are gassy, they will becomes fussier and often crying. If your baby often cry after or during feeding time, it may the sign to change their Formula with Similac Sensitive. Excessive gas in infant stomach usually due to the milk protein or lactose inside their formula, which is too hard for them to digest yet. This is not a serious problem but if they becomes fussier and crying extensively it may lead to frustration in mother and the baby themselves. If you need more information about sensitive formula, you may want to read our article on Similac Sensitive vs Enfamil Gentlease here.

Similac Sensitive Features
Similac Sensitive is designed with gentler protein so to ease digestion process even in infant with sensitive tummy. Since it is made to be gentler, the regular milk is replaced by milk protein isolate. Protein isolate is the protein left after fat and lactose are separated from it. It still contains lactose but in very small amount and Similac Sensitive claims to only contain about 2% of lactose compared to regular infant formulas. Since the lactose as carbohydrate source is gone, Similac Sensitive use corn syrup to substitute it. The fat source is also replace with a mix of vegetable oils.

Now, let’s compare Similac Total Comfort with Similac Sensitive. Both infant formula is intended for infant with sensitive tummies. Similac Total Comfort is designed for infant with persistent sensitivity, it uses whey hydrolysate which means the things that can trigger allergies mostly gone. At the other hand Similac Sensitive uses Protein isolate that contains both casein and whey as well as very little lactose. Another difference is Similac Total Comfort is made with Non-GMO ingredients while Similac Sensitive may contain ingredient from genetically modified plant/animal.

Similac Total Comfort Vs Similac Sensitive

Similac Total ComfortSimilac Sensitive
- Designed for persistent feeding issue- Designed for mild milk protein and lactose sensitivity
- Made with whey protein hydrolysate (partially)- Made with protein isolate
- Contain no genetically modified ingredients- May contain ingredients from genetically modified plant/animal

All in all, the decision is in your hand. If you baby have persistent feeding problems and not suitable with sensitive formula, you may want to try feeding them with Similac Total Comfort. But if you know your baby is only having mild to moderate protein or lactose sensitivity, Similac Sensitive is the right choice.