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Similac Vs Kirkland formula

Generic Infant formula can be a better alternative to safe parent from spending much on their baby’s formula. All formula in the United States are already meets tight requirements and standards to ensure their safety, so parents shouldn’t worry no more about the safety. In this article we are going to compare Similac with generic formula brand from Costco called Kirkland formula to give you a glimpse of what differ them from each other.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Similac and Kirkland formula
– How Many Formulas offered by Similac and Kirkland formula
– Similac vs Kirkland formula

About Similac
Similac is a brand of infant and toddler formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. This infant formula is among one of the most favorable infant formula brands available today beside Enfamil and Gerber. This brand is already available since decades ago and available in most places around the world. You can get the brand easily, since it is available everywhere in most grocery stores.

Similac Variants
As expected from Similac, the brand offer you a wide range of infant formulas for each feeding issues often happen in infants. We know that most feeding issue is related to cow’s milk ingredients in infant formula either the lactose or the protein. Which is why Similac offer many formulas for sensitive tummies as well as formula for baby who can’t consume milk at all cost because of severe allergy.

The ingredients used in Similac formulas are matched with every formula purposes. For example they use milk protein isolate for Similac Sensitive that used to address lactose sensitivity in infants or adding rice starch to reduce spitting up in infants. The brand also provide formula for infant who born premature called Similac NeoSure.

About Kirkland Formula
Kirkland formula is an infant formula brand and mostly sold at Costco, but you also may get it in some online retailers even though they usually don’t have all the variants. The information for this brand is pretty limited unless from Costco. The brand is categorized as generic infant formula that you can get in more affordable prices compared to those popular infant brands like Enfamil or Similac.

Kirkland Formula Variants
The reason why it is more affordable may be because it doesn’t spend too much on advertisement like popular brands or other undisclosed reasons. Similar to other infant formula brands, Kirkland formula also offer various formulas to suit many feeding issues in infants. Of course, they also cover the most common issue like lactose or milk protein sensitivity aside from regular infant formula for healthy baby. All of those formulas are available in different color packaging to ease you identifying them aside from the information written on it.

Even though it comes in more affordable price, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of these brands, since all of infant formula available in the United States must meet FDA requirements as well as American Academy of Pediatrics standards. Looking at this brand’s ingredients, it is the same ingredients we can found in more popular formulas that comes in higher prices.

Now, let’s compare Kirkland formula with Similac. Both brands are made with exactly the same ingredients but offered with different prices. Kirkland formula and Similac offered both regular formula for healthy infants as well as formula for sensitive tummies. However, Similac have more formula variants than Kirkland formula and also easier to reach, since it is everywhere. In the other hand, it will be hard to reach Kirkland formula if you don’t have Costo around your place.

Similac Vs Kirkland formula

SimilacKirkland Formula
- Offered at higher price than Kirkland formula- Is more affordable than Similac
- Available in most places worldwide- Only available in Costco and some online stores
- Have wider range of formulas compared to Kirkland formula- Lesser variants than Similac

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. For those who want to save more, you may choose Kirkland formula popular brand like Similac, but if your baby is not suitable with cow’s milk based formula, you may want to swift for another brand that offer soy based product or amino acids based formula like Similac.